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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This Massive Cyst Squirt Out A Flamin' Hot Cheeto!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper decided to have snack time right in the middle of a massive pop!

Well, not really...but what came flying out of this massive cyst looked like one of our favorite snack items!

"Snack time! Bring out the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos 🔥" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new pimple popping video.

This video is incredible, the good doctor marks out a huge cyst growing on this woman's eyebrow -- and what comes leaking out looks like a big Cheeto!!

Take A Look...

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You Have To See This!!


As you can see, the doctor uses the good ol' slice and dice method to extract this rock-solid cyst and it slowly but surely makes it way out!

"I will never eat hot Cheetos again," one fan posted. Ya, us either!

One fan added, "I have never tried hot cheetos and definitely won't now!"

In the clip, the cyst creeps its way out of the opening the doctor made, getting reactions like, "Ugh it was like her eyebrow was giving birth!!! 😂😂" and "They always look bigger once they come out!"

Keep Scrolling to See The Cheeto!

It's 'Flamin' Hot Cheeto' Time!!


"This looks really painful," one popaholic pointed out!

"Ouch! That one was painful to watch. Maybe because it was near the eye," another said. Ya, you think?!

As always, even the doctor gets in on the food comparisons and this one is so obvious. "Please😫😫 no food mentions!! I can't eat mash potatoes either," a fan protested.

Sorry, it's just part of the game!

"Wow, that was bigger than I thought it would be. Was it a hard cyst?" one fan asked. Yes, this bad boy came out as one whole, hard Cheeto!

Watch The Video!

Check Out The 'Popaholic Unicorn!'


Now, what in the world is that?! Dr. Pimple Popper is about to find out...

"A popaholic unicorn!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned this insane video.

As you can see, this guy grew the biggest zit you have ever seen and it looks like the horn of a unicorn!

"Omg can anybody tell me how long does it take for a cyst to grow like this? 😱" one person asked. We don't know, but what is clear is that what comes oozing out of this thing is about as shocking as the size of it!!

Check This Out!

Here It Comes!!


A white creamy substance explodes out of this monster! And it looks like it will never end!

"This is so disgusting 😂bt I feel bad for the guy tho," someone wrote. Ya, us too!

In the video, the doctor just keeps squeezing this bad boy and it looks like it won't stop!

"Need a scratch and sniff card to get the full effect," ok, that's a bit too far! But, we understand the point.

You have to watch this video to the end, you will never belive how much comes out of this one!

Watch The Clip!

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