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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This MONSTER Cheek Cyst Pour Out Like A Waterfall!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper didn't have to do much for this cheek cyst to start pouring like a waterfall all over the place -- and trust us, you want to see how this thing ends!

"Now you see it, now you don’t! 👉🏻🎩👈🏻" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the mind-blowing video, and she isn't kidding as soon as this thing explodes the patient's cheek goes completely flat!

In the clip, the doctor is forced to slice this person's skin wide open, but right after she does...this thing floods the room!

Take A Look!

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This Is Going To POUR!


"These are my favorite kind! You know it's going to be good when it starts oozing before you even start squeezing!!! 😍" a fan wrote after seeing it start to pour.

In the video, the doctor doesn't even have to squeeze, it just begins running out of the cheek!

"Great cyst pop!! Looks like mashed potatoes!!" a popaholic wrote. Of course, the food references started pouring in...and the rest is history!

"Oooo goodness gracious, macaroni and cheese! 😯" another said. Adding, "Now THIS one came out like butter 😂"

Here It Comes!

Here Comes The WATERFALL!!


After the 'waterfall' dries up, Dr. Pimple Popper decides to give this massive growth a squeeze, and loaded inside of this thing was another massive load of white, gooey goodness.

"That was SICK! (In a great way!) I'm so happy for this lady! That would drive me crazy. 💥" a fan posted.

"That was so gooey 😂" another added.

You HAVE to see the video and watch what is lying right underneath the skin when she squeezes!! "Awwww yeeeeeaaah!!! Starts off juicy then turns into frosting 💕" is the way someone put it.

Watch This!!

Watch The INSANE Video!!


"Is it me or did that look like raw bacon?" a fan questioned after seeing the insides come firing out! Well, not sure its bacon, but it is defiantly a mulit-colored mess that looks like everyone's favorite breakfast food!

A few fans had good questions about the aftermath of something like this -- "Do you still need to go back in and remove the surrounding so it won’t come back ?? Could leaving something like this unpopped eventually become dangerous to your health?"

Like we always say, if they didn't wait we would have no Dr. PP!!

Watch This Thing Blast!!

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