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Dr. Pimple Popper -- The Biggest Blackhead You have Ever Seen!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has had the pleasure of popping some of the biggest blackheads in the history of mankind, but this one is the BIGGEST we have ever seen!

Just take a look at how wide the outside of this monster is...Normally, blackheads are all pop and no show! But, in this case, you can see just how much this thing has swelled to the top of the skin.

So, Dr. Sandra Lee decides to slice the top open...but lucky for us she then goes in for the squeeze!

Check It Out!

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See The HUGE Blackhead Get Squeezed!


"Those big blackheads are the best !!!! Keep squeezing them dr love it," a fan posted after watching the video.

In the clip, Dr. PP does squeeze most of the black crusty substance out with her fingers...but in the end, it is so big she is forced to grab tweezers and yank the rest out!

"I love when you use your fingers instead of the extractor," one fan said excitedly. Another added, "These videos are bad for my teeth. As I watch I grit my teeth so hard, just trying to help pop."

The good doctor shared this masterpiece with us in the late night hours, so many of the fans are commenting on how this is a good way to fall asleep....watching pop videos!

"Is it weird that I watch pimple popping videos before bed most nights??" No, it's totally normal!

Keep Scrolling to See It Blast...

Dr. Pimple Popper Has To RIP It Out!


This thing is so good...most fans just started thanking Dr. Lee on Instagram for helping out with their lives. It's GREAT!

"HUGE FAN!!!!! Your videos make me extremely happy! As a daughter of a nurse, I find these extremely fascinating! PLEASE KEEP DOING WHAT YOURE DOING!" one person wrote.

Another added, "Thank you for sharing your expertise and kindness with the world! Your videos help me cope with my anxiety, and help me control the urge to pick at my skin so my complexion has greatly improved as well. They really are an amazing tool that I never thought would be so helpful! Thank you SO SO MUCH!!!"

Now, Watch The Monster Blast!

You Ready For The Yellow Lava Flow?!


Dr. Pimple Popper must have one of the strongest stomachs around because, in this pop session, a yellow liquid comes flying out that would make even the toughest people a little queasy.

It doesn't look like much at first, but when the doctor gives it a squeeze, it looks like vanilla pudding comes flying out!

"I need a therapist to tell me why do we get satisfaction from seeing this. Is it empathy or sympathy for the patient has being healed? What is it? Why do I want to see the gooiness?" a popaholic admitted. "I was having a bad day then this happened, thank you," another added.

Keep Scrolling To Get The Squeeze....

Here It Comes...


"Gotta love those that just keep on coming !!!!! My favorite of all is these especially the ones that just ooooozzzzzeeeee out !!!" someone posted after seeing this video!

In the clip, you will see just have narly this stuff actually the good doctor has given us a montage of good pops on this one so enjoy!

The best reaction, "What’s ur thoughts on popping on a first date lol." someone asked. Well, why don't you start by showing them af few of these pop videos first and see how it goes!

Here You Go!

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