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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Shocking Huge Cyst Looks Like 'Breast' Growing Out Of A Back

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is tasked in this session to remove a cyst that looks like it is a breast growing out of a person's back...and this video is crazy!

"The feeling of being free there’s nothing like it!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

As you can appears this lipoma has grown right below this person's tattoo in the shape of a breast. But, we assure you this is the BACK of the person's body...not the front. Of course, with something this big, the doctor is forced to cut the top of it open and dig out what is inside.

Take A Look...

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Is That A Back Breast??


"Looks like she had a breast on her back.. Its not bigger than the one I saw last week on the show 2019. This man had a massive on his back," one fan posted.

Another added, 'It’s like birthing a baby!! Geez."

In the clip, you have to watch how big this bad boy is once it is extracted from the body. Dr. Lee even asked the patient if she has ever had it seen obvious reference to how big it is.

A fan wrote about the video, "This is the biggest one I've seen... you are talented and i love your vids and show .thank you for making sure there is satisfying and awesome vids out daily.❤️❤️ i am a pimple popping addict 🙌🔥"

Check Out The Video!

No, It's A Lipoma! Watch It Get Cut Out...


A few fans debated if Dr. Pimple Popper ever gets worried when attacking something so big. "Don’t you ever cut into someone and get overwhelmed? Like this is way more than I expected kind of feeling. You nail it every time though!"

"Wow.. doc... why do people wait so long for it to grow so big?" someone asked. Another added, "Mama Mia! That's one big lipoma!"

Pimple popping can be a family fan even posted "my 8-year-old daughter said, “WHOA! that’s a big lipoma!” 😂 you could say we’re fans."

We are too!

Watch The Cyst Get Sliced And Diced!

The 'Water Fall" Abscess!


This next pop is by FAR the craziest one we have ever seen on Dr. Pimple Popper...and that is saying something.

Dr. Sandra Lee shared the video, alongside a caption clearly pointing out this is one of the craziest things she has ever encountered too!

"Level 10 of The Ultimate Popaholic Challenge is here! If you guessed it would be an abscess cyst or more specifically a waterfall cyst you were right! Congrats to everyone that made it this far, no pop can hold you back! Now let’s enjoy this waterfall of a cyst!" she wrote.

Watch This Thing Pour!

Watch it Pour...


As the abscess gets squeezed a full blown waterfall begins to pour out!

"That amount of pus must’ve been very painful," one person noted. Another added, "does that smell as amazing as it looks?" A few fans felt this way..."It’s cool to watch but it makes me go wtf!" Once this thing is squeezed it seems it will never stop pouring out of the body. The doctor has to get a drip pan!

Bottom Line: This one is insane...if you are a fan of pimple popping this one is the master!

Take a Look!

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