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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This Monster Cheek Cyst Explode After A Few Squeezes

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has to be very careful with this latest pop...because this huge cyst is embedded in this young ladies' entire cheek. And trust is FILLED with liquid!

"Talk about a cheeky cyst! I couldn’t help but want to pinch them juuuuust a little," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the post.

You can see the doctor outlined the area in which she is about to cut, making sure there is as little scarring as possible. But, when you see what comes out of this thing you will be surprised how small the cut actually is...

Take A Look!

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Double Handed Squeeze!!


"Do they ever smell bad?" one fan wrote.

After watching this video, many of the shows fans have the same KNOW this thing smells bad. In part, people are saying it because for some reason it seems this one has been there for a long time!

"What is that? Like is it cellular? Fat? Bacterial?" one person asked. The texture is a bit weird on this why so many people are asking the question.

Of course, one popaholic had to say, "Perhaps some schmear for a bagel."

Here It Comes!


In the video, you can see this young ladies entire cheek explodes out of the skin...and a white substance ends up all over the place.

But, interestingly, because this one is on someone's face....a few people are applauding Dr. Lee for helping people with their skin issues, "What a difference you make for people who have been suffering and embarrassed! Your the best!" someone said.

The best question, "Do patients ever come in that have tried to remove a growth themselves? I imagine the temptation is too great for some people to resist." Either way we get to see Dr. PP at work on this one.

Check It Out!

The Giant Back Cyst!


Dr. Pimple Popper took on a massive cyst that looks like a breast grew out of a woman's back, and when you see what is inside you will be shocked!

"The feeling of being free there’s nothing like it!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video.

"Looks like she had a breast on her back...It's not bigger than the one I saw last week on the show 2019. This man had a massive on his back," one person wrote.

Another added, 'It’s like birthing a baby!! Geez."

In the video, you can see just how big the lipoma is on the inside. It's insane, and comes out with a blast!

Check it Out!

Took A Look At That One...


"This is the biggest one I've seen... you are talented and i love your vids and show .thank you for making sure there is satisfying and awesome vids out daily.❤️❤️ i am a pimple popping addict 🙌🔥" one person posted.

In this video, a few fans of the show asked if Dr. PP ever gets nervous to take on such a big one... "Don’t you ever cut into someone and get overwhelmed? Like this is way more than I expected kind of feeling. You nail it every time though!"

"Wow.. doc... why do people wait so long for it to grow so big?" a fan said. Another added, "Mama Mia! That's one big lipoma!"

Watch The Video!

This One Is A Squirter!!


Every once and a while Dr. Pimper Popper's job is a contact sport...

"That should be ESPN play of the day," one person wrote after seeing this thing fire!

In the latest video, Dr. Sandra Lee shared with us a massive cyst that actually squirts all over her shirt when she squeezes on it...and it is AWESOME! Does she know it will blast, one fan thinks so...saying, "Sure you do! When you have a small hole like that one and then put pressure behind it what do you expect?"

It is Brutal! As one fan put it, "I would have instantly projectile vomited as soon as I looked down and noticed it was on me."

Check It Out!

All Over The Doctor's Shirt!!


"I mean in all fairness it gave you all indications and warning signs," one fan said after seeing the mess it made...

"Woah!!!! (Showed my husband... he visibly gagged!! 🤢... meanwhile me: 😍 woah)" another added. "I’m so jealous you get to squeeze all these wonderfully filled sacks of goodness."

If you are in Dr. PP's business you can't be upset when these things blast off like this one is job security! Plus, this is why we have facemasks in the Dr.'s office...

One funny person put it this way, "This is me shooting positive thoughts your way."

Watch The Video!

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