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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Wait Until You See The 'Coin Purse' That Pops Out Of This One!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper was forced to handle a cyst that is so big, it literally looks like it may be able to hold coins once it is extracted from this gentlemen's head.

In the video, Dr. Sandra Lee not only pops this massive egg-like mass but she actually is able to pull the entire thing out of his head, sac and all!

"Found a little coin purse for your change and pop dreams!" the good doctor captioned the video.

Trust us on this one, you will want to stay until the end of the video to see the final extraction.

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The Video! See The Coin Purse...


Fans of the show are reacting with some appreciation for the size of this unfortunate cyst, and some just simply couldn't stomach this one... "Wow, so satisfying how the sack came out in one," one person commented.

Another described an actual physical reaction to the pop, "Holy mother... I got chills with this one... looked yummy.." they said.

Like most popaholics, a few people would prefer a gushing zit and the massive sac variety isn't their preference, "think these will be more fun with an explosive pop where it squirts out," one said of the video.

"It's so odd to see a cyst on the head that doesn't come out whole like a marble," another said.

Check out the video...that made one fan "vomit a little in my mouth."

Be Careful With The EYE!!


So, if you had to choose a location on the body you DON'T want to have a cyst, right near the eyeball may be the #1 answer.

Dr. Pimple Popper got her hands on a plump zit near this young lady's eyeball and it is scary watching how close the razor comes from her eye.

"Is there a reason why you were cutting towards the individual's eye?" one person asked.

But, Dr. Sandra Lee is the best in the business at popping these babies the right way, and she does not disappoint. One person described this pop simply, "like butter."

Of course, the fans of this show always have to bring it back to food. "Nice to get that out. Having dinner and watch this at the same time. Haha." one popiholic wrote.

The best reaction goes to this person, "new toothpaste?" they asked...ugghhhhhhh.

Oatmeal Time!


In this clip, the only way to describe Dr. Pimple Popper's work on this one is the "oatmeal" video.

"Top of the morning to ya! TAG someone that needs this pop to get their Tuesday going!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

In some cases, like this one, the good doctor is forced to slice into the cyst before squeezing its contents out into her hands. But, when she is no joke.

"Looks like oatmeal," a fan of the show responded.

What exactly is coming out you ask? ... Well, in cases like this Dr. Lee explains dead skin cells build up under the skin and back up to a point they cause the mass.

"I don't understand what is the stuff that's coming out?" someone pointed out.

Bottom line, a fan on Instagram said it best, "I bet this smelled so bad!! What a beautiful pop."

Ear Explosion!


This monster was living on someone's ear, and it is so big, it's shocking how this person could even hear anything out of it.

In a shocking video, Dr. Pimple Popper does her thing buy slightly cutting this baby open, then doing her squeeze thing.

"Sorry I didn’t hEAR what you said?" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

Like normal, the popiholics compared the insides to food. One person even said, "My boyfriend says it reminds him of Dijon mustard."

"Does it smell ? Seriously.... when it has a greenish tint to it," one fan asked.

Check it out...and you be the judge!

Neck Eyeball or Giant Cyst?


Dr. Pimple Popper fans have been waiting for this one....

This massive bulge was hanging from this woman's neck, and it was unclear to the good doctor, just what kind of mass is this thing would turn out to be.

Dr. Sandra Lee is forced to cut all way around this cyst and pull it out with two hands. Does it squirt or drop? You will have to watch and see!

"Looks like a neck eyeball," one person posted. "It had a smiley face!!" a fan said.

Check it out...and don't look it right in the EYE!

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