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Dr. Pimple Popper -- This Looks Like A Whole "Clove Of Garlic" Comes Out Of His Head

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has the ability to sometimes extract these massive cysts without even breaking the sac surrounding it, and in this case, it actually comes out whole looking like a clove of garlic.

"What’s hiding out in this mane?!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

The mane she is referring to is the hairline surrounding a huge pilar cyst that has grown on this gentlemen's head.

You have to see this thing...the good doctor slices it open and removes it without even leaking a single drop.

But don't worry...she opens it up after so we can see inside!

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Is This For Real?!


Fans of the show love it! It's not all the time you get to see something like this come out whole.

"Looked like a piece of garlic. Lol. Sorry," one fan wrote.

Of course, that wasn't the only food reference by the fans, one compared it a "macadamia nut," and another said, "Aww, look at that little Easter egg."

A few popaholics asked if the doctor has to shave the person's head before popping something like this, "I was wondering if you shave portions of heads before you cut? When you stitch, wouldn't the hair get very stuck," one person asked.

Watch This Crazy Video and See For Yourself!

Here It Comes...


A debate sparked amongst people who watched the video about Dr. Lee handled the cyst, once it was removed, with her bare hands.

"Ugh. I wouldn’t wanna touch it with my bare hands. I’d use gloves. May not make sense bc it was in the head... but that’s me," one fan wrote.

Someone clarified, "The person holding it is the patient. So many germaphobes in this world, Gloves gloves gloves Omg so annoying."

The point they are discussing comes at the end of the video, where the doctor takes apart the cyst outside of the body.

You have to see this!

Cyst That Keeps On Giving!


Dr. Pimple Popper has seen all kinds of cyst, and zits and masses on people's bodies. But, this one is the deepest thing we are ever seen popped on someone.

"A Pilar cyst that just goes on and on and on," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

This one is no joke, the good doctor slices the top of this baby open and it's contents keep coming and coming.

This video has a surprise at the end, and let's just say the fans love when she removes the sac on the inside after it's contents are cleared.

It Keeps Going, And Going, And Going...


The popaholics love it! "Wow, that’s was a nice surprise! 😆 It all looked sooo rubbery! Definitely an interesting pop!" a fan wrote of the video.

One commenter agreed, this is a "gift that keeps on giving."

As for the surprise ending, take this fan's word of advice, "definitely a surprise at the end and the last part was so satisfying to watch lol."

What food does it look like you ask? "Like those little twig things they have at a lowbrow salad bar," someone said. Check It Out!!

This Is What Happens If You Don't Clean Behind Your Ears!!


This massive whitehead is what happens if you stop cleaning behind your ears!

Dr. Sandra Lee decides to attack this thing using scissors instead of the good old squeeze method. But, it works the same...and this thing fires before she can even get her hands on it.

The popahloics debated why the choice to use a tool, but the good doctor knows what she is doing!

Check out the video...Dr. Lee even slices off the tip of this bad boy and listen close to the sounds of the slicing!

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