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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See The Shocking 'Loaded Cauliflower' Blackhead Get Popped!

By Mike Walters

At first, you may wonder why Dr. Pimple Popper decided to share this mini-sized blackhead with us popaholics...but trust us there is nothing little about what comes out of this thing!

"Here’s to starting out the week a little superficial like these cysts!" Dr. Sandra Lee posted on Instagram after posting the Monday video.

As you can see, she starts out by cutting the top open of this blackhead (normally this happens if she knows it will be a tough squeeze job) and what comes next is shocking!

You have to see what Dr. PP is able to squeeze out of this tiny hole!

Keep Scrolling Down to see this masterpiece...

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Massive Pop About To Blast...


As it begins to make its debut, you quickly realize this is not your normal blackhead. What comes out of this thing already looks bigger than the hole it shoots out from...

"I'm eating loaded cauliflower right now," one person wrote. Ok, we kind of see what you used that reference.

One fan had a good point, "Am I the only one that when you find a bump or pimple that you automatically try pop it and not let it get that big. Back in the day we squeezed or popped our own zits or blackheads. It's part of everyday hygiene."

Problem is...this is not your everyday blackhead!

One person asked, "What turns it black on top? I'm sure I missed this conversation when its been discussed before lol." Answer: It's a blackhead baby!

Check It Out!

You Know That Looks Like Cauliflower!

After watching this normal every day looking blackhead turn out to be a monster blast...a few people have started asking Dr. Pimple P for some help at home.

"Hi Sandra, has anyone ever bought a baby to you with a cyst? My baby has a lump on his neck which the doctor said do nothing about. Can I email you a video and pay for video consult? Or do you need to be with the patient physically so you can touch the lump? Thank you," one person wrote.

No, because we need people to go to the office so they can keep feeding us the show on TLC!

For now, we get to have a bit of guilty pleasure online while we wait for the next show to have to see this one in full!

Watch The Video!

The 'Egg Salad' Cyst


Dr. Pimple Popper is about to cut into this patient's scalp, and believe us when we tell you the amount of narly yellow and white goop that comes out of this thing is nuts!

"Egg salad!ūüėč" one fan after seeing it begin to blast. Another added, "Boiled egg yolk!"

While taking apart this monster Dr. Lee has to admit once it starts to show itself it looks like 'egg salad!' "That thing was a whole lot bigger tha I expected... no wonder it didn't come out it was piece... I was getting excited, then it popped... lol" one fan said.

Keep Scrolling to see this incredible go from looking like an egg to full blow egg salad!



"It looks like giving birth and the head is about to emerge! The end not so much!" one popaholic said. Adding, "This reminds me of a baby’s head crowning!"

Many of Dr. PP's fans are as shocked as we were when you finally see what comes out of this one, "woah, ended up being HUGE!!!!! That was beautiful, a fan said stunned. Another said, "I'm always amazed at the size of these that are under the scalp."

Now time for our normal food references...besides the obvious egg salad, "a gusher but with hummus." Ok, we like that one too!

Watch This Thing Explode!

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