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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch The Cyst Ripped Out Looking Like A Wad Of 'Chewing Gum'

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper's job isn't always so easy as squeeze a few times and everything comes popping out, in fact, in cases like this one...she is forced to dig the contents out and it is amazing!

"Oh well what’s this we have here!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video on Instagram. The reason for a caption like will never believe what finally comes out of this hole once she gets ahold of it!

As you can see, she used the slice and dice method of opening the top of the skin...but you have to see how she begins to rip this thing out!

Take A Look...

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Just Keep Digging...Just Keep Digging!


"What the hell was that?" is the first reaction to what comes out of this thing.

If you look closely, at first it looks like a giant blackhead, because the insides are a dark color and it comes apart in pieces.

BUT, you have to watch the whole video, at one point the entire thing comes flying out and it is a totally different color!

"How I feel when I successfully pull a hairball out of the bathtub drain," one fan posted. Another added, "It put up a fight but came out clean 👌🏻I can watch that ending all-day."

You Have To See This...

It's A Wad Of Chewing Gum!


"Chewing gum?" is the reaction a few popaholics had after seeing the bottom of this cyst blast out of it's hole.

"It’s a blue cheese crumble," another said. "My son asked if that was popcorn," a commenter added.

Watching the process is mesmerizing...a few fans even made it known they would love to have been the ones digging for gold on this one. "Omg was I the only one wanting to be the one taking it out lol," one person said.

This thing is so good... a fan even asked her to slow it down next time, "Wish you had went a little slower and got it out without tearing it up," they said. Ok, just relax a bit!

Watch The Video!

You Ready For The Guacamole Squirter?!


Dr. Pimple Popper shared this next video with us on the day of the Super Bowl, and if you haven't seen it is better than the game itself! Plus, it kind of looks like one of the snacks you normally have on that day...

"Thanks for the reminder. I need guacamole for game time," one person commented.

They are exactly right, not only does the cut on this cyst looks like a little football...what comes out of it look just like guacamole! Where are the chips?!

Plus, if that didn't make you gag a little, one of the fans described it like this..."That looked like a nasty loogie!"

You Have To See This...

Here It Comes...


The amount of liquid that comes flying out of this one is shocking! Plus, the color of it is one of those you are confused about how anything inside the body ever get like that...

As always, a few popaholics pointed out their favorite food references! "Lemon cream from a donut!! What was that color, Lime or chartreuse?" a few of them read.

"It looks like a frozen shrimp," another added.

Like the rest of us...someone shared story about watching this one on their phone in public..saying, "Someone sitting next to me at the pharmacy just complained about me watching this on my phone... Mind your business!" Good work!

As we said...this one is so good may thought it was more entertaining than the big game, "Better than watching the Super Bowl!!" a fan commented.

"Doc Lee is today’s MVP🏆 Most Valuable Popper!"

Watch The Video!

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