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Gettyimages | Barcroft Media

Just take a look....or squint your eyes as this beast is coming out of its sack.

"Late night trips to Hawaii with this Hawaiian Lipoma," the good doctor wrote on social media.

Fans of the show, and the doctors work, commented on this specific mass.

"If I felt her tugging on me like that I would definitely throw up haha," one person wrote.

Another thought this one would be painful, saying, "I would to be knocked out cold... like seriously unconscious if someone was gonna be pulling on me like that!! At least some of laughing gas, nitrous, like at the dentist! This looks sooo painful OMG."

Gettyimages | Barcroft Media

Dr. Pimple Popper actually gets new patients from the social media pages of the show.

"Anyone know when casting for the next season will begin?? My bf’s lipoma is at least 3x bigger," said one woman.

Like the rest of us, go ahead and go watch it again...its ok.

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