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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Monster Blackhead ROLLS Right Out Of This Person's Face!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is forced to use two different tools, and her hands, in the newest pop video...but when this thing finally comes out it doesn't need any force at all!

"FRIDAY Blackhead Search! 🧐 Are you ready for it? Who likes the idea of a Friday blackhead search?! Let me know!" the video is captioned on Instagram.

You have to see this one...Dr. Sandra Lee attacks this massive blackhead by first slices the top open, then turning to her special blackhead tool to get the job done.

But, it doesn't work at first...and you have to see what happens next!

You Have To See This...

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It Takes A Few Tools To Make It Happen...


At first, this tool gets a bit of the black muck out of his body, but it doesn't seem it is getting the entire job done!

"Only if you don’t use that tool! Looks so painful plus goes against everything that is holy about THE POP!!" one fan posted while watching it.

After a few attempts, you can see it takes the good doctor a little more force to get it out, one fan even warned, "I love pops!!!! But SO much trauma to the skin using that tool! Yikes."

Here It Comes...

Blackhead ROLLS Right Out Of The Face!


Check That OUT!! This massive blackhead rock comes rolling right out of this person's face and onto the doctor's hand.

In the clip, it looks like this thing is just a small pebble that is finally released from the body and can roll away from the skin!

Fans love it, saying, "I could actually do this for a living and eat a Pub Sub right after if not while watching this in the same room," and "I love them. Suddenly 5 minutes has turned into 3 hours and I wonder where has all that time gone!"

A few popaholics are ready for some big ones, "I really rrrreeeeaaaallllyyyy love watching you popping a blackhead. But I rrrreeeeaaaallllyyyy love when you pop the BIG Cyst the best."

I think we can be of some assistance!

Watch The Video!

What In The World Is That?!


So, here is a massive cyst just like everyone requested and this one comes filled with your favorite Thanksgiving table items!

"I won’t say it, but you know what this cyst looks like!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video.

Well, you can take a guess after you see what comes out of this thing, and the greatest part is the doctor actually gives us her thoughts on what it looks like....we won't spoil it!

After a few squeezes, a white/yellowish substance comes pouring out of this poor fellows cheek! You have to see this one...

Mashed Potatoes Time!


"Mashed potatoes!" one person posted. That's exactly what we were thinking! Look at how much liquid actually comes pouring out of this thing!

Take a look at some other good ones, "Cheesecake, Vanilla Frosting, Soft serve ice cream, Custard, Cream of Wheat, and Cannoli Cream!"

"Always some kind of foodstuff. I like to say foodstuff, it’s a funny word. Foodstuff. Say it," one fan said.

Another added, "I always wonder how do you know how far to go in to cut the sac? Btw... looks like butter lol"

Take a look at the video below, and see what Dr. Sandra Lee thinks it looks like...she has a good point too! Here It Is!

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