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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch Cyst Filled With 'Mashed Potatoes' Explode Out Of This Face

By Mike Walters

It seems like most of Dr. Pimple Popper's patients have something on their body that needs popping and that most likely hurts...but this one looks like it REALLY hurts! Plus, the doctor is finally joking with us about what it looks like when this thing pops...

"I won’t say it, but you know what this cyst looks like!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video.

Well, we will get into everyone guesses in a second, but take a look at this monster that grew on this patient's cheek. It is so big, she has to slice open the entire side of his face to get to the middle.

Take A Look...

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Watch This Thing Explode!


As you can see...the good doctor draws her black along the area in which she sliced it open, and as she begins to squeeze you see the white liquid stat to show it's ugly face.

But, this thing gets worse very quickly as the doctor keeps squeezing the area...and it keeps on coming! Check it out!

"Mashed potatoes!" one fan said. At first, that is exactly what it looks like coming out! This one looks like it belongs on our Thanksgiving table..

Here are some other good guesses: Cheesecake, Vanilla Frosting, Soft serve ice cream, Custard, Cream of Wheat, and Cannoli Cream!

To be honest, any of those would work here...

Keep Scrolling...

Mashed Potatoes And Butter Time!!


"Always some kind of foodstuff. I like to say foodstuff, it’s a funny word. Foodstuff. Say it," one fan posted.

Ya, because look at what came flying out of this monster. It looks like perfectly cooked cheesecake filling!

Another fan added, "I always wonder how do you know how far to go in to cut the sac? Btw... looks like butter lol"

Take a look at the video below...we won't give it away, but if you watch with the sound ON, Dr. Lee tells us what she thinks it looks like!

"Yummy mozzarella cheese," another fan said.

Now down to the medical business..."Do the contents/consistency of matter within different cysts vary according to their location on the body?" You be the judge!

Watch The Video!

Face Filled With Blackhead, "Like A Mask!"


This is by far the worse case of blackheads on a face we have ever seen...and it's unclear at first how the doctor is going to get through all of these...

"How does it get to be this bad?" one fan asked after seeing the first part of the video!

"Wow this entire mask is blackheads?" Totally, it looks like he has a black eye and got punched in the face!

One fan put it like this, "all the stuff busting out with minimal pressure applied like “help!! We’ve been trapped under this old man skin for too long!!”

This video is crazy, the doctor actually has to use TWO tools to get it all out!

Take A Look...

It Takes A New Tool To Get Them All....


"It looks like he hasn't washed his face a day in his life😳" one fan said after seeing just how bad it really is!

Like the rest of us, one person said, "I know this was asked already. But how it gets so bad. I see one and freak out and get it out..." That's a great point, how in the world do you not look in the mirror and squeeze your face all-day-long if it gets like this!

This is the best point...JUST "Scrub. Your. Face."

Watch The Video Of The Doctor Doing It for Him!

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