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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See The 'Two-For-One' Massive Pop, It Takes Several Attempts To Explode!!

By Mike Walters

This massive face pimple is not your normal run of the mill whitehead. It actually takes several attempts before it blows out of it's hiding place.

Dr. Pimple Popper has to literally slice into this thing several times, with several squeezes before she can get to the core.

"Start your day off with a smile and a little popping!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

In this video, you can see the good doctor struggling to get to the center of this baby, but when she does it is huge pop!

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Lights. Camera. Pop.


Fans pointed out in this video, the good doctor is being more careful than normal.

"Such caution squeezing. It's almost like you've had a few surprises in the past," one person wrote.

Ya, we have seen a few shoot across the room!

Another fan of the show pointed out how painful these ones right my the mouth have to be..."I expect it would feel sore or extremely painful when a cyst is forming, especially on your face, right?" a fan pointed out.

In the video, if you look closely, it seems this one maybe two in one had been popped in the past.

The Video!!


"Two for one! While popping the big zit a smaller one also popped! Awesome. Is that a second time around pop? Looks like a previous pop scar before you started," fans asked.

As a true fan, one popaholic has a few words of advice before squeezing this baby.

"I’m a nurse, used to work for a dermatologist.

  1. Always amazed to see patients( especially men) who let these cysts etc ..grow sooo big!

  2. Glad you wear a mask! Sometimes the smell is so rank, it was making the patient feel sick! Poor guy"

Here is comes!!

The 'Slow Motion' Pop Across The Room!


This is the pop you all have been waiting for, a squeeze, then a fire across the doctor's office.

In this brutal pop, Dr. Sandra Lee gets blasted by this bad boy as it fires out of this young man's face.

The great thing is that the good doctor did us a favor and played this pop in SLOW MOTION!

So, not only do you get to see it blast, but you get to see it again ....very slowly.

Wait for it....

Watch It Fly!!!


Fans of this one couldn't help but point out how painful this must have been..."I cannot imagine how much this hurt. It’s a nice pop tho!" a fan said.

It had to be not only painful but LOUD when it popped. "Wish there was sound. That pop had to be loud!" a fan pointed out.

"How long did it take to have no reaction when it pops onto your face mask?" one popaholic asked."

"OMG I totally flinched. Lol That was awesome!" We agree!

The first blast had a few people ducking for cover, "I actually jumped like it was going to hit me" a person posted.

Check out this amazing video, but be careful of flying parts!!!

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