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Dr. Pimple Popper -- 'Punches' Massive Whitehead Out Of Patient's Face!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper reached out to use one of her big guns on this one and grabbed for the 'punch' tool to help her squeeze out this massive whitehead!

"Oh hello there! How’s your Sunday Funday going?!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

In the clip, we actually get to hear the doctor's explanation for what the punch tool is...all while she starts to squeeze on this monster. Trust us..right when she punches this thing the white gooey goodness starts blasting out of it!

Here It Comes...

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It's Punch Time!


"I wanted to finish watching it. Pull in the sack out it’s so satisfying" one fan wrote.

Fans of the show were pumped when they realized they get to not only see her squeeze the white juice out of this baby...but she reaches in and cuts out the sac too!

After seeing both of the tools be used in this video, fans are asking,"How do you decide between using a punch or using a scapula to make an incision?"

Another asked, "how do you decide when to make a small incision versus using this tool? The answer is Dr. PP is the best, and we don't question her tactics!!

Keep scrolling to see the action...

Digging For That Sac!


Of course, a few popaholics pointed out their favorite food reference, "Looked like a tiny mushroom," one person said.

Then comes the moment where she finally squeezes this bad boy and this is the best response, "this ones super juicy!"

Then the good doctor takes on the huge sac that held all that goop, "I feel like I just want to pull it out it looks like those strings things you use when you’re at a party," one person wrote.

Another asked, "How big was the hole before the tool "popped" it?" Big enough to need to break a punch out in the first place...

Watch The Video!

Watch The Top Ramen Firing Cyst!


In some cases, no matter what Dr. Pimple Popper pops out of a zit or cyst on someone's body...the food reference is all we remember and you can't unsee this one!

"This is what pop dreams are made of! A nice, smooth steatocystoma!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned this video.

In this video, after the doctor puts the squeeze on this little bitty thing a giant bunch of uncooked top ramen noodles come flying out of this thing. You have to see this!

Take A Look...

Here It Comes...


"My 3.5 year old goes “whoa, that’s a big noodle” one popaholic wrote.

They aren't kidding, this thing keep growing top ramen noodles over and over. Weirdly, in this case the yellow liquid isn't even that gross, it really does look like food. But...we wouldn't suggest a bite!

How great is it that fans are sharing the pimple pops with their kids! We do too! "Freaking obsessed," a fan wrote.

A raging debate on Instagram started when Dr. PP used her extraction tool, instead of the good ol' squeeze method. "Pop it with your fingers and not that contraption!!!" one fan said angerly. Another added, "I HATE when they use that “tool” instead of just squeezing it!!!"

Get over it...And WATCH It Blast!

See This Thing Fire!


Sometimes a cyst doesn't look like much on top of the skin...but as this bad boy proves, sometimes it is just hiding right below the surface.

This one has WAY more than meets the eye! "Here’s to starting out the week a little superficial like these cysts!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

But, as "little" as it sounds...when this thing fire blasts off there is nothing little about it. Plus, this thing looks like it may have been there a while!

You Have To See This!

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