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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch The "Cottage Cheese" Explode Out Of This Face During Session

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has her hands full with this latest massive pop she takes on...and this one packs quite the punch!

"Second times the charm!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

In the video, you can see the doctor was forced to slice into the top of it and then squeeze. But, it takes a second round of squeezing before it comes splashing out.

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"It's Stuck In There!"


Fans of the show loved the end of this video and pointed out what the inside's looked like, "It was blooming like a flower!" one person said.

"The human body is just amazing as to what it will produce..." someone added.

The doctor can be heard on the video frustrated this thing didn't come out easier. "It's stuck in there," she said.

She knows what to do next!

Cottage Cheese?!


As you can see...once it starts to fire out of the face, fans are shocked at what actually comes out. "Okay this one is brutal," a person commented.

Like a true popaholic, a fan added, "HHHHHMMMMM cottage cheese??"

Yes, it does! And a few other people threw out their favorite food comparisons, "like a popcorn cornel bursting out and becoming #popcorn" a fan added.

The best reaction: Think I smelt that in the UK 🇬🇧

Several people pointed out the obvious, "It never stops amazing me that certain people wait so long to take care of themselves. Self-care is important!"

Check out the's awesome!

You Have To See This!


"You want me to show it to you" Dr. Sandra Lee asked this patient.

How could you say no?! Of course, he doesn't...and the doctor actually takes what comes out of this back blackhead and shows it to this gentleman.

"Night #popaholics, happy pimple counting before bed," Dr. Sandra Lee posted.

The good doctor decided to share this one with us at night, knowing that most of us like unwind and watch a few pimple pops.

Check it out!

This Is A Good One...


"That's a juicy one!" one fan commented after seeing the video

In the video, you can see this thing starts out slow but ends with a bang, "It had a baby squirt at the end!! one fan said.

This can be enjoyed by couples, and a few popaholics let us know how it works in their home, "My husband: "we're about to eat, why are you watching that?" someone said.

"If I EVER get my hands on one of those tools, my hubby is gonna be in trouble!!!!!!" another added.

Take A Look At The Video!

Four Times A Charm!


Dr. Pimple Popper posted this video where a gentlemen actually has FOUR large cysts on his back, and she takes them all out!

The good doctor posted it on Cyber Monday, captioning the video, "I’m hearing about all of these #CyberMonday deals, but are there any Cyst Monday deals out there?!"

The video is shocking when you see what actually comes out of this huge monster, and the fans of the show are pointing out the chucks you can when it fires out of his back

"OMG - look at those lumps in there!" one person said.

Cookie Dough Time!


A few popaholics went full religious after seeing the video, "Holy God in heaven..... how much is in there???!!!" one fan posted.

Another added, "Mother of god it just doesn’t stop." The amount of liquid that this person loses after the pops is so large, a few fans were betting on how much it may have weighed. "Bet he lost ten pounds!!"

As for the food comparison, "looks like your porridge you used to have," one person wrote.

You Have To See This Video!

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