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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Two Cysts, One Punch!!

By Mike Walters

Anytime you get two for the price of one it is outstanding....and in the newest Dr. Pimple Popper videos, that's exactly what you get.

To start, the first one is a good one! This thing is so deep it takes TWO sets of scissors to get to the core.

In the video, it seems the good doctor has to cut through a top cyst and try and get at the bottom one.

But, when she does it's like a volcano!

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Here Comes The First Punch!


If you look can almost see the good doctor open this baby up from the inside/out.

"annnd just like that it’s the end of the weekend!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

Fans of the show brought up a good point about using the cut method for getting to the pop. "Why does the thought of the scissors cutting somebody's skin open make me cringe so bad?!"

Another pointed out, "Surprised there's no bleeding with all the cutting."

Here's the answer: She is good at this! Brace yourself for this is a good one.

Diving For Pearls...


This latest pop brings a whole new meaning to diving for pearls.

As you can see...this big one is actually located on this lucky gentleman's scalp and the good doctor has to go diving below the hairline to extract this pearl.

"Ever just feel like you really have something on your mind?" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned this gem.

This bad boy is literally on someone's mind!

In the video, the doctor allows for slow-motion video to capture the moment the insides pour out of this one.

Check it out! It literally looks like this guy grew a pearl in his head...

See The Blast!


Fans of the show loved the pearl blast..."At some point I thought you were popping out his brains," one person said.

"He grew a pearl!!" was the consistent reaction to this thing.

As far as having a big one on your head, "I have Pilar cysts all over my head they are obnoxious," a fan pointed out.

In perfect form the popaholics compared this one to food, "Jellybean," a fan posted.

One reaction was to ask for more..."u didn’t let it come out all the way n yea it looks like a chickpea."

"He has a little peanut on his mind lol."

Check out the video...Maybe he could keep it and make a necklace!!

You Know This One Hurt!


This monster face lump is not what you normally see in a whitehead. This thing takes the doctor several attempts to get to the good part.

In the video, Dr. Pimple Popper is forced to slice into this thing, and it takes several big squeezes to get this thing to pop.

"Start your day off with a smile and a little popping!" Dr. Sandra Lee commented on the video.

Check it can actually tell how much the good doctor is struggling to get to the big pop.

But as always, she does it big!!

Right In The Kisser...


"Such caution squeezing. It's almost like you've had a few surprises in the past," one fan commented.

In this video, you get a two-for-one deal, just keep your eye on the second one!

A popaholic wanted to point out how bad these things have to hurt, "I expect it would feel sore or extremely painful when a cyst is forming, especially on your face, right?"

Check it out!

"Smuggling Diamonds"


Dr. Pimple Popper has to extract a gigantic blackhead from behind this woman's ear, and it takes two tools and a big tug to get it out!

"Always check behind your ears, you never know what’s hiding back there!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

The good doctor gives a play-by-play on this one including her shock as to how deep this baby actually is located behind the ear.

"You could smuggle diamonds," she says.

The video is great, the doc is forced to break out the knife when the popping tool doesn't work.

Check Out This Monster...


This blackhead must have been growing behind her ear for years!

Fans of the show were quick to point out how deep this thing actually goes..."She needed someone to tell her she was packing that behind her ear?" one fan posted.

Several people can't help but checking behind their own ears..."Feeling behind all the ears, hoping for something so great. I love you but just get in there and push with your fingers!!!"

Of course, a popaholic made the food reference, "it’s like cookie dough." They are right!

Check out this massive pop, one fan said it well, "Looks like it could have gone to China!! That is really deep!!"

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