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Popping Heads and Taking Names

Dr. Sandra Lee is the star of "Dr. Pimple Popper," that show where truly disgusting materials literally "pop" out of people's heads, necks, cheeks, any place a person has skin. This time it's a really, really gross zit with some special rock-hard properties.

Weight's Been Lifted

Lee posted the video on her Twitter and, as with any "Dr. Pimple Popper" footage, brace yourselves.

"I think you're gonna lose a little weight today. It's like a rock," she tells the patient.

She uses tweezers to remove this blackhead, which appears to have hardened. Now that it's been removed, it looks like there's a massive space within the person's skin. Is that going to leave a scar?

The thing is gray and actually does look like a pebble. She even taps it on her metal tray as it makes a resounding, some would say satisfying, clink.

"You might have the award for the biggest blackheads!" she tells the patient.

That's not an award anyone wants to win.

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