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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See The Giant 'BUG' Cyst Crawl Right Out Of The Skin!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is about to take on this massive neck growth that you know is going to pour out a ton of nasty liquid as soon as she opens it up! This one is brutal!

"Happy Friday popaholics! 💥🎉" Dr. Sandra Lee posted on Instagram, welcoming everyone into this weekend. And what a way to start it out!

In the clip, the good doctor slices open this massive cyst, and what comes flying out is shocking!! It looks like nothing we have ever seen...

Take A Look!

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Watch This Monster Blast!!


"Looks like a giant bug😳" a fan of the show said after seeing it start to crawl out of the skin!

Just look at the color and texture of this gunk, we have never seen anything like it!

"That was sure different material that came out of his neck!! I enjoyed this pop!! Keep more of that coming!!" another said.

After seeing the greyish figure leak out, one fan commented, "That looks dead but still being a parasite. I’ve never seen this kinda growth come out before of all the videos I’ve watched."

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Giant 'Bug' Looks Like It Has An Eyeball!!


"Reminds me of chocolate malt o meal 😊" a fan posted after seeing the gnarly color of this thing!

If you look closely, it looks like this giant bug cyst has an eyeball...ya, it scared us too!

Rest assured it is NOT a living creature, but this massive cyst still had something scary sitting inside it's hole.

"Omg I should be doing homework with my son but yet I’m here watching your videos! 😂😂😍😍😍" one fan wrote. We fully understand!

Here It Comes!!

You Gotta See This Thing Open Up!

Dr. Pimple Popper had one of the biggest lipomas we have ever seen on her hands recently, and when you see what is inside of this thing you will be BLOWN Away!

"Handkerchief lipoma!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video, trying to describe the gnarly stringy junk that comes ripping out of this thing!

In the clip, the good doctor slices open the top of this monster and began to pull it out -- piece by piece!

This bad boy didn't come easily and you HAVE to see the doctor rip and dig it out!

Watch This Video!

Here It Comes!!


"Dang that was a big lipoma!!!!😮It's like pulling raw chicken fat out of a hole," fans posted after seeing it opened up!

"Wow the poor thing carrying him around with her," one person pointed out after seeing the size of the massive cyst.

Like always a few die-hard fans started breaking out their best food comparisons, "This one looked like someone was taking the tendon out of a piece of chicken."

"Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuck. Gonna go cleanse my pallet with some blackheads hahaha," another fan said, Adding, "Wow! It's like playing tug of war."

Here You Go!!

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