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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Whitehead So BIG It Has To Be "Punched" Out

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper had to use a special tool to pop this monster in her office, and after watching it explode it's clear why it was necessary!

In the video, you can see Dr. Sandra Lee reach for a skin tool called a "punch" that punctures a hole in the top of the skin allowing for the inside of the whitehead to be reached.

This tool is used when the conventional squeeze method isn't good enough. But, in this case, we actually get both!

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The BIG Punch!


The good doctor captioned this pop, "Slow and steady wins the race!"

This huge whitehead squeezes out slower than other pops, but not because there isn't a ton behind this thing. In the video, you will see the punch tool allows for the yellow and white-colored fun to fire out in perfect round form.

If you look almost looks like this spot on the person's body has already been popped. But, either way, the more it fills up the better it is for us!

Here It Comes...


Fans of the show know the "punch" tool all too well...but not everyone has seen this thing.

"I love the tool," one person said about the punch.

A few other fans asked how the good doctor decides when to use the tool..."Interesting!! How do you decide when to do the punch?" one person said.

The answer is simple, when it is so big you have too! Another popaholic asked what the prep for something like this looks like..."How does that not hurt? Do they numb the area first?" Again, the answer is YES.

Usually, the fans always compare pops to food...but this one asked, "Anyone else's mouth water whilst watching these videos??


Chocolate Pudding Popper!


Just in time for Thanksgiving...Dr. Pimple Popper shared with us a pop that literally looks like chocolate pudding.

"This pop was feeling a little gray, so it stopped by to say hi!" she captioned the video.

Dr. Sandra Lee uses the slice and dice method to open up this thing and inside this massive cyst grey matter comes firing out of the hole.

The contents of this baby is even compared to a Wendy's frosty. If you know, then you know on that one.

The video is nuts! We just suggested watching it BEFORE you eat dinner tonight.

This Can't Be REAL!!


As you can something that color and that size grows inside the human body is confusing. Usually, the color and consistency don't look like chocolate ice cream coming out of a machine!

Fans of the show agree with the pudding reference calling out the flavor that best fits this situation, "Is like chocolate omg" one person commented.

One popaholic decided to put on her medical diagnosis hat and ask questions about the patient.

"I need patient histories. What have you been eating for the past 20 years? What medications are you on? When were you last injected with cement? Normal questions you know?" she asked.

Here is the best reaction, "I bet that stinks something awful! this is honestly the worst/best one." AGREED.

Check out the crazy video!

The Monster Blackhead!


Dr. Pimple Popper took on a blackhead that looks like it has been growing in this woman's back for decades.

Take a is so big Dr. Sandra Lee if forced to remove it with tweezers instead of actually squeezing out its contents.

"Do YOU know what you’re wearing to the living room yet?! Here’s a pop you can watch while you figure it out!" the good doctor captioned the video.

Watch as this thing gets wiggled out of the hole it's been hiding in...

Check This Out...


Fans of the show have responded to this pop by pointing out the tweezer method may be the way to go while dealing with big blackheads.

"Clean and clear...Sometimes, i wish you just use this kind of method to pull out some obvious blackheads instead of that pimple popper thing that has holes.... for small one is okay to use, bug for big one, please use pincers... its more satisfying," one person commented.

Obviously, a few people are asking how it ever gets to this size, "I don’t understand how people live so long with these!?" a person said.

Take a look at how this monster gets dragged out!!!

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