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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This 'Prehistoric Fish' Fly Out Of Someone's Back!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper had to take this one back to the dinosaur days after she popped out of someone what looks like some sort of prehistoric fish.

In the new video, Dr. Sandra Lee is seen slicing into the back of a woman, and instead of your standard cyst flying out, a dark grey and veiny ball comes out instead.

"A POP like a prehistoric fish!" the good doctor captioned the video.

It is always a treat when the doc includes audio, and on this one, you get to see AND hear the massive pop.

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It's Alive!!


As the is bad boy makes it's first appearance into the world, several fans pointed out it almost seems....alive!

"Reminds me of the dinner scene in "Alien," one fan said.

Another popaholic thought it may have even been moving, "Whoa ! I think I heard it crying as it came out!" they commented.

Look close...someone even thinks they see a face! "Does anyone else see a little face on the sac?" a fan of the show asked.

Several other ideas surfaced once this thing made its debut, "That looks like a golf ball that has been in the lake for years...or "like a fermented quails egg."

We have to agree with this popaholic, "This is so disgusting. I've watched it 4 times!"

Check it out!

'Fish and Hooking' A Cyst!


This is exactly as it sounds, Dr. Pimple Popper actually uses a fishing line and hook to extract this thing from a gentleman's face.

"Playing fish and hook with this one!" the good doctor captioned the video.

Dr. Sandra Lee takes it on, just like fighting a strong fish. It is a bit stubborn at first, but if you wait a few seconds the catch actually plops out!

It's not the standard squeeze and fire method, but it's worth seeing one time...

Here It Comes...


Fans of the show were pumped to see a new style of popping. "This technique was pretty interesting!" one person said.

"Love when they come out whole," a fan commented.

During the video, the doctor actually removes the entire thing whole, and fans had a lot of questions in the aftermath.

"Is this what it’ll look like when you have your thyroid removed?" one fan asked.

Interestingly, on this video a few popaholics were worried about how this guy would come out of the surgery since it's on his face. "He has nice lips! Make him pretty," someone told the good doctor.

"Ouch. Hope that doesn’t scar badly." another posted.

Check out the video...see if it reminds you of your last fishing trip!!!

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