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Dr. Pimple Popper -- You Will Never Believe What Comes Out Of This Tiny Blackhead!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper takes on the biggest and sometimes the smallest pimples you have ever seen...but trust us..even when they look small, what comes firing out of this thing is HUGE!

"Time to pop off the day! Who’s ready to start the week off great?!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

This monster blackhead is the perfect way to start off a week...and fans of the show agree. In the video, you can tell that even the good doctor is shocked this thing has so much to give!

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Just Wait Until You See This!


"Do people come in with these blackheads for you to pop? Or do you search for these people? Really curious how you get all these minor pops lol" one person asked.

Fans of the show agree....this thing looks like a "minor" pop, but there is nothing minor about what comes out of this baby.

"It’s beautiful. this one is beautiful," one person wrote. Indeed it have to see this thing keep going and going and going!

Check Out This Blackhead Blast!

Here It Comes...


"What do I gotta do to be an assistant on a big pop? Or be in the room to watch?! I love these!" one fan asked.

Dr. Pimple Popper has tons of fans that are asking to be her assistant, and after seeing this thing you can understand why!

One fan asked, "As I watch you and your show. I have 2 questions. 1) why do you leave some blackheads untouched. 2) some pops bleed before you finish or right after. But not all bleed."

The answer: everyone's pops are different!

The best comment, "Do people honestly come to a clinic to have a blackhead popped? 🤣🤣 Only in America!" Yes, we do!

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Deepest Blackhead Ever!


Dr. Pimple Popper finally got ahold of the deepest blackhead we have ever seen!

"So do these people not shower or what happens to get these like this lol" one person said. Another added, "This happens because ya don’t use washcloths 😅"

"Great blackhead !! Hilarious conversations @drpimplepopper you must hear it all lol" one fan said.

The conversation between Dr. PP and her patient is so great! The he lady's husband is even in the room and the three of them discuss how he has popped this bad boy several times in the past. It's great!

"Loved the husband 😂nice video."

Take A Look!

Watch It Explode!


This thing is like a giant black hole in the body! It is the deepest thing we have ever seen...

"I like weirdly want huge pimples so I can get them popped.... is that weird?" one fan said. Another added, "Can you pleaasssee post more blackhead videos,"

Dr. PP will always deliver!

One popaholice wrote, "Why do blackheads make me want to throw up ??? 🤔 I can watch anything else." It's make us sick sometimes too, but we have to keep watching!

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