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Dr. Pimple Popper -- This One Looks Like Two Snakes Crawling Out Of A Face!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is not a snake wrangler....but in this pop session that is exactly what she has to deal with after a cyst explodes like two snakes crawling out of a hole! It is nuts!

"Brand NEW cheeky cyst and a baby blackhead is up!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video, but what comes out of this thing is anything but a baby blackhead!

In the clip, you can see the cyst has grown on this patient's face right on her cheek and it is a monster. Per the norm, Dr. Lee cuts the top open and begins to squeeze, and what comes out is unreal...

Take A Look...

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"Loooooooooord!!!" one fan wrote after seeing the two snake looking streams start to squirt out of this cyst.

This is crazy! It looks like two sides have a mind of their own and come flying out as soon as she squeezes.

"Aggghhh!! I loved that! And just like that, it’s gone!! I can’t get enough of this." a few other fans posted.

As the good doctor keeps squeezing this thing, the amount of liquid that comes flying out of this thing is shocking. The two snakes stream at one point merge together and it is just an all-out squirt fest!

Keep Scrolling to see it fire!


At the point where this baby is full shooting one fan pointed out it looks like Medusa! Just a bunch of snakes wiggling their way out of her face!

"LOVE IT! The Medusa Cyst! Such a goodie," one fan posted after seeing the video.

"I LOVE THE CHEESY ONES," another person wrote. We do too! Another added, "Those are so painful what a relief for her." That is a good point, this thing looks like it must of been painful to have on her cheek up until it was popped.

This one is so good, fans are sharing this video with their families, "My son is such a big fan of you and he send you a picture of him 'poppin' something watching your show," one person shared.

Watch This Awesome Video!


Every once and a while we get a pop video that is an outright squirter! And this is one of them..

Dr. Pimple Popper gets blasted on this one after a not so impressive zit turns out to be a monster on the inside.

"It's all fun until someone loses an eye........👀No Mask Needed," one person reacted when seeing it.

"Omg a squirter," another posted. Another added, "Had to zoom in! I ALMOST missed it!" a

This thing squirts so violently, you almost miss it! Take a close look at the stream as soon as it gets squeezed.

Zoom in on the picture see it?!


If you look close you can see the stream runs along the line of the doctor's is the same color as her glove so it's a bit hard to see but its crazy!

"Looking like a lil white rose blooming" one fan posted.

It's not the first one we have seen on the show, so one fan asked. "please tell me the name of the video when the back cyst exploded Into your lashes. That was so gnarly. I want to see it again." Dr. Lee may just help with that...

"I think I missed the splash," another said.

Watch The Video!

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