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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Huge Zit Explodes Like 'A Fresh Tube Of Toothpaste'

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper squeezes this monster after using the front punch technique, and what comes out looks like the first time you squeeze the new toothpaste tube.

"When you open a brand new tube of toothpaste!" Dr. Sandra Lee captions the new video. And she is not kidding! That is exactly what it looks like...

In the video, Dr. Lee uses the tool that slices a circular hole at the top of the pimple to get direct access to the middle of it. She squeezes with both hands and light brown color toothpaste looking cream comes barreling out!

Take A look!

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Need The Punching Tool To Get It Out!


"Tubular!" one fan posted about the video.

Several fans of the show are pointing out the liquid that pops out of this pimple is not something you would want to brush your teeth with..." probably a good under eye cream," one person joked.

In the clip, you can see how perfectly the contents comes firing out..."The way that skin just popped open like an attached lid. OMG," someone said.

Most people feel the way this popaholic does..."I'd actually love to do this to someone 😂" Us too! But we will leave it up to Dr. PP, she is the best!

Check Out The Video...

Here It Comes...


It is commonplace on Dr. Pimple Poppers Instagram page for fans to tag each other to make sure their friends and family get to see the good ones!

But, in this case...we actually saw the first time anyone got a little upset with someone tagged them on the post. Why? Cause this one is that narly!

"please never tag me in something like this ever again," one fan wrote after someone tagged them. Trust us...that is why you have to see this one.

See The Video!

Tons Of Blackheads...


Dr. Pimple Popper needed to come into this guy's life way earlier than she did...but luckily when she finally gets at this nose..all the blackheads come out firing at once!

"These blackheads tried to pop out on their own!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

Bottom Line: "How do these people walk around like this? Do they not have kids or friends that tell em “hey I’m bored...let’s go remove blackheads from our nose," one fan said.

The Answer: So we can watch Dr. PP pop them online!

Check It Out...

Popping A Bunch At Once!


Several people pointed out on this one how much we all need a little Dr. Pimple Popper in our life!

One fan posted on Instagram, "I wish I could find someone like you in Newfoundland Canada. My son has thee worse blackheads on his nose, they continually get sore, red and swollen. I feel bad for him cuz hes handsome but his nose is so bad 😞. I was even looking for a good place to pay for a treatment as a Christmas gift but wouldn't even know where a good place is.. I'm amazed with all that you do."

Check Out The Video!

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