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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Whitehead Looks Like A Huge 'Top Ramen' Noodle After Firing Out!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper uses her extraction tool to take on this bad boy...and when it comes flying out it looks like huge top ramen noodle!

"This is what pop dreams are made of! A nice, smooth steatocystoma!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video.

What is that you ask? According to WebMD, it's a "multiplex is a skin disorder characterized by the development of multiple noncancerous (benign) cysts known as steatocystomas. These growths begin in the skin's sebaceous glands, which normally produce an oily substance called sebum that lubricates the skin and hair."

Either way, if when you see this thing pop, it literally looks like those little hard noodles in a Top Ramen pack before you add water!

Take A Look!

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Here Comes The Top Ramen Noodles!


"My 3.5 year old goes “whoa, that’s a big noodle” one fan posted about the video.

We love how fans of the show are sharing the best pimple pops with their kids!

"Freaking obsessed," one person said. Ya, it's that good!

In some cases, like this one, fans realize they may need Dr. PP's assistance, "I had one of these between my eyes on the side of my nose for a long time...kept on returning. Thank goodness I think eventually the sack came out and now it's gone." one fan said.

Check It Out!

Take A Look At That!


During the video...and raging debate started amongst the popaholics about using the extraction tool, instead of the good ol' squeeze method.

"Pop it with your fingers and not that contraption!!!" one fan posted. Another added, "I HATE when they use that “tool” instead of just squeezing it!!!"

One fan even asked for a bigger, nastier one, "Give me an infected abscess or disintegrated cyst wall any day though." We know how you feel!

Someone even asked why the doctor doesn't show the video of her cleaning the area first...

Because we don't care! "Dr Lee is correct. We, popaholics, could care less to see you scrubbing up beforehand." one responded.

Watch The Video!

Is That An Ingrown Hair?!


Dr. Pimple Popper takes on the biggest ingrown hair we have ever seen...but at the same time, she sparked an argument over using the punch instead of squeezing it out!

Don't worry...the good doctor only uses the punch tool to open the top of a cyst or pimple, then she squeezes!

"I noticed you use different tools for different cyst, can't you just used the sharp one on al?...what determines when to use a punch?" one fan asked. It just depends on the size and location!

Check Out The Neck Blast!

OMG...Check It Out!


One fan had a great point, "That's why you shave with the grain first not against it lol"

Also, we have to agree with this popaholic, "the neck is always gunna have good ones."

"Do you ever pull long hairs out ?" one person commented on Instagram. We know we ALL do that at home...

"Oh man was that from an ingrown hair?!" another person said. Yes it is!

The latest episode of "ingrown hairs gone."

Check Out The Crazy Video!

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