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Dr. Pimple Popper -- The 'Mother' Of Them All, See The Biggest Pop EVER!

Dr. Pimple Popper
By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has seen a lot in her time, but this has to be the biggest pop in the history of her operation. Period.

"Wooo talk about a mother of a lipoma!" Dr. Sandra Lee exclaimed when presenting this to the world.

Obviously, in the video, the good doctor is forced to slice this thing right down the middle to get to the core. This isn't a simple squeeze job.

Part of the wonder, in this case, is questioning how this person allowed it to get to this size. The good doctor doesn't really explain, but the popping it is all that matters anyways...right?

As you can see...this lipoma is literally bigger than this gentleman's head!

"GOOD LAWWD that thing is huge!" one person said happily. Indeed.

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Here It Comes....


Fans are as shocked as everyone, questioning just how in the world it gets to this size in the first place.

"I honestly don’t mean this question in a negative way, but I’ve always been curious how something gets that bad. Are people afraid to go in? Does it get that bad over night? Financial reasons. I can’t imagine. I feel like I would have cut that out as soon as it started growing," one person commented.

Another popaholic had the same thoughts, saying, "How did it get to be this large? Why not get this before it gets to be this size?"

It wouldn't be good pop if the fans didn't relate it to food so here you go...

"It’s like chicken nuggets before they are cooked. So satisfying! Glad this patient is doing a lot better," a person added.

"Looking like Mac and cheese."


This is the motherlode, so sit back relax, and take this one all in...

The Ear Explosion


You will never believe what actually comes out of this earlobe, and it has some comparing it to soba noodles.

"Sorry I didn’t hEAR what you said?" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned this pop video.

In this case, many are wondering how the contents of this thing actually got to this dark color.

A fan of the show commented, "It’s crazy the places icky stuff grows!"

In standard popaholic form, someone had to compare it to lunch. "My boyfriend says it reminds him of Dijon mustard," someone pointed out.

"That has to smell really bad," they added. You think?!

Check it keeps going, and going.

'Coin Purse' Inside A Head!

Dr. Pimple Popper had to use a bit of two different styles to get this egg-like monster out of this guy's head.

To start, Dr. Sandra Lee has to pop this baby but then is forced to cut the surrounding sac out of his head.

"Found a little coin purse for your change and pop dreams!" the good doctor posted.

A few fans had physical reactions to the pop, "Holy mother... I got chills with this one... looked yummy.." someone said.

A few veteran popaholics pointed out they would rather a squirter than the sac style. But beggars can't be choosers!

"Think these will be more fun with an explosive pop where it squirts out," one person said.

Here you go...stick around to the end, it's worth it!

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