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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Cyst So Deep It Takes THREE Squeezes To Get It All Out!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has a big one on her hand's here...and this cyst has so much gooey goodness inside it actually takes THREE squeezes with both hands to get it all out!

In the video, this thing takes so long to get all of the puss out of its sac that Dr. Sandra Lee actually speeds up the video so her fans can watch it all quickly...

"Today we’ve got a cyst that’s ALL SAC! 😍 Let’s see what this cysts sac is really alll about!" she captioned the video.

She is right, at the end of this popping section, it takes her a few tools to cut out the sac that held this massive popper! But, we are still fans of the first few squeezes!

Take A Look!

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Here It Goes In.....3.....2....1!!!!


As you can see, this thing begins normal enough...but all of the sudden a mass of white and yellow liquid comes pouring out of this baby!

In the clip, the good doctor is forced to wipe away the chunks so she can keep working on this monster! The best part is her team even put music to this sped-up video and people are loving it!

"For some reason, this seems relaxing," one fan wrote on Instagram.

Keep Scrolling, to see how this thing ends up...but trust us when we tell you it's worth the wait!

Going In For One More Squeeze!


"Ooooooweeeeee gooooooooweeeeee," a fan posted.

Indeed! This bad boy keeping squirting out liquid after the second and third squeeze. The shocking part is this cyst is actually on a person's chest! It looks like it would have grown on a back or even a face...but it's in someone's cleavage!

After watching this one...a good question popped up, "Asking a question that’s probably been answered a trillion times: If you drain a cyst enough does the sac wall eventually break down and the cyst go away?"

Maybe...but we want them to keep visiting Dr. Pimple Popper for all of our sakes!

Watch The Video!

Giant Cyst Cut Out Of A Forehead!


Take a look at this massive grew right on top of this gentlemen's forehead and Dr. Pimple Popper is going to have to cut into this thing to get it out!

As always, Dr. Sandra Lee uses her black marker to outline where she is going to make the cuts. Then, when she is ready she begins to try and excise this thing. "looks like a third eye," one fan pointed out.

"Sometimes all you can do is go piece by piece! ✂️" she posted on Instagram. That's because if you take a look at the video, this stubborn thing has to be removed section by is brutal!

Check It Out!

Looks Like 'Chicken Gizzards!'


The popaholics can't help themselves on this one...and went right into the food comparisons!

"Looks like chicken gizzards. I used to come them up in a nice tomato ragu sauce," one person posted.

"Stew meat?" another added.

Even though it is narly, a few fans of the show pointed out they like it when this happens! "Some days I enjoy a piece by piece pop. Most days though, a nice clean pop is the best....unless there is a sac to remove," they wrote.

"Ouch, his brain is leaking out!" We have to agree with that point! You have to see this...

Watch The Video!

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