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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Shocking Cyst Looks Like It Has 'TEETH' On The Inside!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is about to have the shock of a lifetime after a routine cyst extraction leaves many wondering if the insides actually as ALIVE at some point in it's existence....let us explain!

In the new video, Dr. Sandra Lee slices open the top of this cyst, thinking that most likely it will be like the others she has done so many times. But, in this case, the liquid that comes pouring out looks like it may have TEETH in it!! That' right...teeth!

"Anyone ever tell you, you look cystacular coming and going?! 👀 Well, you do AND so does this cyst!" Dr. Lee Captioned the video...downplaying what you are about to see...

Take A Look...

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Is That What I Think It Is?!!


As this thing starts to fire out of its sac, take a hard look at what comes out!

"that thing had teeth!" one fan said after seeing the clip!

Obviously, teeth do not grow on the back of somebody's neck...but the doctor doesn't give much explanation about why this cyst's insides look like they look...

"So often the first pop is squidgy and then often the root is hard and needs to be cut out!" one fan said after seeing half of this cyst fly out.

Keep watching as Dr. Lee has to make a second squeeze to get the entire amount of liquid out of this cyst...there is way more than it seems!

Keep Scrolling...

Check Out What Came Out Of This Cyst!!


Wow! Is the only word we can muster up after seeing that gunk on the outside of this patient's body!

One jokester even commented on Instagram, "Let me get some crackers for that dip." Or...let's not!

The most common question about this teeth growing cyst is this, "I love watching your show and your videos...., but don’t these smell when you pop them??"

Another said, "Dr. Lee do any of those ever smell bad? I’m sure it’s difficult to make comments on the odor being that you’re recording and the patient is awake."

Ok...Yes, some of them smell!

Watch The Amazing Video!

Watch 'Pasta Noodles' Come Flying Out Of This Baby!


Dr. Pimple Popper decided to match a cyst that is filled with something that looks like pasta noodles with some classical music...and it actually fits perfectly with this popping session.

"Because classical music goes well with POPS," Dr. Sandra Lee said about this video.

Like in most cases, the good doctor traces the outline of where she is going to cut with her black marker, then when it's open she squeezes it with both hands...

But, instead of a monster gush flying out of this bad boy, a skinny white/yellowish liquid comes squirting out of this cyst and it looks exactly like Top Ramon noodles!!

You Have To See This...

Look At That Stuff! Amazing...


"That background music 😂 suits well!" a fan commented on Instagram. They are so right! It feels like you are cooking dinner with music playing in the background when you watch this video!

"I like the stuff that squirts out but I don't like the sac part. Lol." someone also posted, adding "i’m so disgusted but i can’t look away!"

The best one, "I hope you are eating noodles when you see this, Pimple string pasta comin right up!"

Ok, so it's not something you want to boil up in some hot water and add meat sauce too, but it is a great video to watch before you go back to your normal everyday life...

Watch it Below...

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