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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch The Exploding 'Meatball' Growing On This Person's Shoulder!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper takes on massive zits all over people's bodies, but we have to say....a massive one on top of a shoulder is a first!

The doctor explains this monster must have been growing under the skin for years and she must slice it open for her to get to the center.

Of course, she does it...and what comes out is unbelievable. You have to see this, it is nothing like you have ever seen before...

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It Looks Like An 'Eyeball'


Apparently, this young lady who grew this thing is a fan of 'Dr. Pimple Popper' and may have come to the doctor after seeing the show.

"We’ve got a Mamma #Popaholic in the house!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

As you know, Popaholic is the name given by the good doctor to all of us who LOVE to watch these bad boys get blasted out of the skin. We can't get enough!

Take a look at this thing as it gets squeezed out, fans are debating what it looks like...

What In The World Is This Thing?!


After watching this cyst break the surface of the skin...most viewers are coming up with their favorite food comparison.

"That's a spicy meatball," one popaholic wrote. Another added, "It looks like a Brussel sprout😂

And our favorite, "It’s like Ace Ventura birthing from a rhino!" If you don't' get it, got rent that movie ASAP.

In the video, Dr. Lee tries her best not to break the sac surrounding the cyst...but a few people were rooting for it to pop on the way out. As you can does!

"Who else besides me was rooting for it to come out whole?" one fan wrote. Another fan added, "when you take one of these out whole you gotta squeeze all the good stuff out for us after!"

Watch This Video, Trust Us!

Forget To Wash Behind Your Ears?


Dr. Pimple Popper has the answer to the long-awaited question, what happens if you don't wash behind your ears? The answer: A massive whitehead!

"A not so little something behind the ear!" Dr. Sandra Lee said.

In the video, the good doctor has to use a pair of scissors to get to this bad boy, and when she does it comes firing out of the ear.

Most of the fans fell bad for the guy once you see the insides of this thing, with one popaholic saying, "Oh my...poor guy...he has a tough ear," one fan wrote.

You will have to see for yourself!

Monster Whitehead!


Did she really need to use the scissors? of the show launched into a debate over the use of the tools during this operation.

"You irritate me with those scissors lol just squeeze it already", one person commented.

Another posted, "I’ve never seen you use scissors before why those? please explain what is actually going on here. Why are you using scissors😭??"

In the end, one person said it best, "I was cringing watching those scissors ✂️ graze his ear ... ouch!"

But for some reason, we keep watching...and you should too! Don't forget to turn the volume up to hear the slicing and dicing...

You Have To See This Video...

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