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Dr. Pimple Popper -- This Huge Whitehead Is What Happens If You Don't Clean Behind Your Ears!

By Mike Walters

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you stopped cleaning good behind your ears? Well...Dr. Pimple Popper knows exactly what happens and you get to see it!

"A not so little something behind the ear!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned this video.

The footage is zoomed in on the back of a gentlemen's ear, where the doctor has decided the only way to get this thing out is to use scissors. That right, scissors!

In the video, Dr. Lee proceeds to actually cut the top off of this monster and what happens next is crazy...

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Slicing It Open!


Once the top is cut off of this thing, it bursts out almost instantly. The doctor doesn't even need to squeeze it.

The fans feel bad for the guy, seeing that his ear seems to have some other issues, "Oh my...poor guy...he has a tough ear," one fan wrote.

A debate was then sparked arguing over the doctors choice to use the scissors, "You irritate me with those scissors lol just squeeze it already", a fan wrote.

Another added, "I’ve never seen you use scissors before why those? please explain what is actually going on here. Why are you using scissors😭??"

We agree with this popaholic, "I was cringing watching those scissors ✂️ graze his ear ... ouch!"

But trust's still worth seeing!

The Massive Cyst Filled With Cookie Dough


It takes a massive pimple pop to shock the loyal popaholics but this one is so big, fans are describing it in using biblical references.

Dr. Pimple Popper posted this video of a gentlemen's back who is sporting not one but FOUR cyst that the doctor is getting ready to attack.

The doctor is forced to slice into the biggest in the group, and what comes flying out of this thing can only be described as a tube of cookie dough being squeezed from one side.

"I’m hearing about all of these #CyberMonday deals, but are there any Cyst Monday deals out there?! Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video...referencing the day in which she popped these monsters.

The video of this pop is outstanding!

You Have To See This...The Lumps?!


Even the fans of the show were a bit shocked when this thing finally unloaded leaving a few with only religious reactions.

"Holy God in heaven..... how much is in there???!!!" one fan filed.

Another added, "Mother of god it just doesn’t stop."

The huge amount of liquid that pours from this person's body is so large, one commenter even said, "Bet he lost ten pounds!!"

As for the given food comparison, "looks like your porridge you used to have."

Here You Go!!

Since We Are Going Big...Here Is The King!


Anytime we discuss the biggest pops of all time...this video has to be included in the group. It is the motherload.

"Wooo talk about a mother of a lipoma!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned this unbelievable video.

As you can see this is a lipoma, and it is so actually appears bigger than this gentlemen's head.

"GOOD LAWWD that thing is huge!" one fan said.

The obvious question here in the world did it get this large?'s unclear, but is what is clear is we get to see it come out!

Check It Out!!

The Long Mushroom


Dr. Pimple Popper spent a bit of time working this blackhead, but you will never believe what finally comes out of this huge hole.

The great part about this huge pop is we can all relate to this one. This blackhead is one of those annoying ones that is hard to reach on the body. One, where you may have your spouse pop it for you!

Fans of the PP agreed, "This is the sort of thing I don’t like!! Those cheeky black and whiteheads that you can’t reach on your body! That kinda thing keeps me up at night," one person commented.

Check This Out!

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