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Dr Pimple Popper -- Watch This Earlobe POUR Out A River Of Puss!!

By Mike Walters

The latest video from Dr. Pimple Popper is a miracle of modern medical science...because there is no way this much liquid can form inside somebody's earlobe!!

But it did! So, Dr. Sandra Lee gets the task of draining this massive sac that has gathered up puss on this gentlemen's ear. It is huge!

"Bursting at the seams just like this cyst, because guess what?! ITS FRIDAY!" she captioned the video.

She is not kidding, this earlobe BURSTS like it's been waiting for someone to squeeze it for years!

Take A Look!

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It's A River Of Puss....


In this monster cyst popping video, Dr. Lee first slices the back of the earlobe open...using her famous line, "make sure I'm not hurting you."

Remember, she numbs all of the patient's before slicing and dicing their skin! Also, she has said in interviews she uses the conversation as a calming method. So, as she begins to squeeze a massive amount of yellowish ooze comes flying out of the ear!

It is nuts! Of course, the good doctor talks us through what we are looking at, but is forced to admit even she is surprised at the amount of juice in this bad boy!

Here It Goes...

Watch The Earlobe Pour Out A River...


"Here’s a juicy one behind the 👂🏻" one person said after watching the video. "That was awesome !!!!!! Love those that just ooze out !!" another added.

After the third and final squeeze of the earlobe, it is so much puss a few popaholics just broke into song...."Don't go chasing waterfalls!.... "Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is..." a few people posted in their best singing voice.

"Omg can't imagine how bad that hurt before! Like a whole other ear...It’s crazy how much can actually be inside of a cyst!" people reacted. We couldn't agree more!!

This is the bottom line, "I bet that was painful to carry around...what a relief it must have been to get out was a good one. Was not expecting that much to come out!" Totally....

Watch The Video!

The 'Cheez Whiz' Cyst Explodes...


In the spirit of the craziest pop we have seen in a long is only right we include the neck that poured out a river of cheese sauce!

"Cheez Whiz," one person wrote after seeing this thing blast! "Cheddar," another said.

Normally, we judge popaholics for comparing this stuff to food, but in this case, we just can't be upset with them. It look exactly like CHEEZ WHIZ!

"Well that takes cheese soup to a whole nother level!" someone posted. "I can’t stop watching! :flushed:" a fan added.

And...."I smelled that:no_mouth:"

Here It Comes...

Here It Comes...


"The pop is so dramatic and fantastic. Though the sac removal gives a feeling of completion. To know that something that affected a person's self-esteem is forever gone," someone said on Instagram.

Getting the sac out after a massive pop is a national past time that we should not ignore...but we think the initial blast is more important in this case!

"Oooo butterscotch," a person wrote. Ok, this one had that coming... "Ewww wasn’t expecting that color," a fan of the show added.

You have to see this one, it actually has put a few fans over the edge... "Okay, I think I finally found my limit on the pimple popping that I can tolerate!"

You Have To See This!

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