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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Massive Cyst Filled With 'Egg Salad' (Watch It Explode!)

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has a massive cyst on her hands on this one...and as you can see, this monster is sitting below a gentlemen's scalp.

"Cysts like to play hide n seek too!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

Clearly, this thing was trying to hide below the hairline, but when the good doctor slices this thing open and give is a big squeeze, it looks like part of his brain comes flying out!

You Have To See This...

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It's About To Blow!!


"Egg salad!😋" one fan wrote about the explosion.

Another person simply said, "Boiled egg yolk!"

Dr. Lee takes her time making sure she gets the entire thing out of it's sac..but as can hear her in the video she agrees the insides look like 'egg salad!'

"That thing was a whole lot bigger tha I expected... no wonder it didn't come out it was piece... I was getting excited, then it popped... lol" one person commented.

At first, this thing looks like it is going to be a solid egg that plops out of his head, but keep watching at the thing breaks apart and becomes egg salad!

Watch This Video!

Egg Salad Time!


Take a look at this shocking cyst pop! It's incredible!

"This reminds me of a baby’s head crowning!" one fan wrote on Instagram. Another added, "It looks like giving birth and the head is about to emerge! The end not so much!"

A few people online agree with how big this thing turned out to be...."woah, ended up being HUGE!!!!! That was beautiful." Another said, "I'm always amazed at the size of these that are under the scalp."

Of course one popahlic made another food reference, "a gusher but with hummus." Actually, that one fits too!

The best one..."is there a psychological term for people like me/us who enjoy watching pimples and such being popped?"

Here It Is!

Massive Cheek Cyst Explodes...


Dr. Pimple Popper has to be very careful on this one, because as you can see this thing is smack dab in the middle of a cheek.

We know many people suffer from acne on their cheeks, but a massive cyst is a different beast. She slices and dices this thing perfectly...and you have to see what blasts out of this bad boy!

"What is that? Like is it cellular? Fat? Bacterial?" one fan asked. "Do they ever smell bad?" another added.

Take a look at how this thing fires!

Here It Comes..


Popaholics love to watch cysts like this thing pop all over the place...but on this one, several fans are pointing out the good work Dr. Sandra Lee does to help people in this situation.

"What a difference you make for people who have been suffering and embarrassed! Your the best!" one fan said.

Another asked the question we all want to know..."Do patients ever come in that have tried to remove a growth themselves? I imagine the temptation is too great for some people to resist."

Take A Look For Yourselves!

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