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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Giant Cyst Explodes White Goop Looking Like 'Lobster Meat!'

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has a knack for finding those cysts and pimples that are so much bigger inside than they actually look...and this is one of those massive exploders!

"Just keep squeezin and squeezin and squeezin... you know you gotta squeeze, keep on squeezing," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

In the clip, you can see she had to used the slice method to cut open the top of this cyst, but lucky for us...she ends up squeezing this bad boy once she as it open!

Trust us on this one... it takes multiple squeezes to get the massive amount of white gooey stuff out of this thing!

Check it Out!

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Here Comes The Lobster Meat!


"Looks like lobster meat!" one popaholic wrote after watching the first part of this thing start to oooooze out!

Of course some others had a few other food references, "Grits with ketchup" one said. Another added, "Cauliflower mashed potatoes," "and Looks like cottage cheese."

Point is..."Love the chunky ones🙌" someone put it perfectly.

In this case, it takes a few more pulls before the good doctor can get all of this stuff out of the cyst. But, it is WELL worth the wait, you have to keep watching.

Check It Out!

This Can't Be Real! Check It Out...


"Is it just me or has anyone else wanted to just taste that lol," one fan wrote on Instagram.

Wait, what did you say?! We are going to act like we didn't hear that one.

"I loveeeeeee to watch the pops!!! I’m obsessed! Lol BUT...You medical professionals, I applaud tremendously because half of these pops in person smell horrible," a person commented.

This one appears like it has been growing in there for a while, so our guess is the room was pretty brutal after this thing blasted out!

After watching the third and final squeeze, one person said, "Wonder if her fingers hurt at the end of the day?" We bet it does! Watch This Thing Go!

The Craziest Location For A Blackhead Ever!


Take a look at this hardcore nerve-racking pop situation! Dr. Pimple Popper decided to take on a blackhead that is located right above this patient's eyelid!

Dr. Sandra Lee is forced to navigate around the most sensitive area on the body, and she even uses razor type tool to cut into the top of it!

"Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Sorry it’s blurry still working on my 2020 vision!" she captioned the newest video. She is being funny about the fact her camera gets a bit blurry...but there is nothing funny about this one!

Check It Out!

Be Carful With The Squeeze!


"My daughter’s laughing at me cause I’m talking to my phone saying ‘oooh come on, come on nearly got it, oh so near the eye arrrggghhhh SHE GOT IT!!’ I was with you all the way with this one! ❤️" one fan posted after seeing the video!

At the point where Dr. Lee decides to break out the razor tool, the fans watching the clip went nuts!

"That one had to really hurt," someone said after seeing her use it.

"Oooh this is a true WOW! How could he stand that there?! You were making me nervous with those tweezers, I was glad when you switched to fingers, lol." another fan said.

Bottom have to see how crazy this one us it's insane!

Here It Is!

Using The Punch To Sock This Whitehead!


Dr. Pimple Popper reaches for the big guns every once and a while, and in this case, the punch tool is necessary to get this whitehead to explode!

"Oh hello there! How’s your Sunday Funday going?!" Dr. Sandra Lee posted.

In the video, the good doctor explains she is using a "punch' to get in the middle of this thing. She makes the right move...because when she pushes it in...the white goop starting spilling out immediately. She also digs the sac out of this patient's face, you have to see this!

Take A Look!

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