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Dr. Pimple Popper -- This Cyst Crawls Out Of A Face Like It Is ALIVE!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is using her excision tool to squeeze out this massive cyst inside the chin of a teenager. But, when it finally comes out firing the insides look like they are crawling up the skin ALIVE!

Trust us this video is's not like other pops where once she squeezes, the white goop blasts out and that's a wrap. In this case, the puss looks like it is a snake crawling out of the skin!

"ALL THE SQUEEZES! 👉🏻💥👈🏻 I know #popaholics love a good squeeze, so here’s a video dedicated to some of my favorites!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

She is not giving this thing justice, although we always love a highlight reel of pops, you need to see how this thing exits the body!

Take A Look!

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This Thing Is Alive!!

As you can see...this thing doesn't look so scary as it starts to surface out of the skin. But, don't let that little white face fool you!

The good doctor gives this bad boy a squeeze and it looks like the head of a snake crawls right out of the skin. In our heads, it actually looks like we are watching the body of this thing surface!

"Nobody knows it does it better, oh ya!" one fan wrote on Instagram. We have to agree...this one is in a tough place on a younger person, and she hit a home run!

Another fan added, "These videos are so satisfying!"

Check It Out!

Looks Like A Snake Crawling Out Of The Body!

"Do the patients feel a noticeable relief when the bigger kinds of cysts? Are popped?" one fan asked.

In this case, we are going to have to say yes...remember this monster actually grew underneath this young person's chin. Not a fun place to grow a cyst. We are guessing this thing felt so good to finally get out.

This is not the easiest thing to get at, and then it doesn't come out so perfectly, "Stubborn little thing," one person wrote. Another added, "I hate it when my pimples are stubborn and don’t want to squeeze."

As you watch the video, just be reminded of this initial reaction on Instagram, "I’m bout to throw up Sandra!" Sounds like a good one! She is INCREDIBLE.

Watch The Insane Video!

Check Out The Monster Cyst!


Dr. Pimple Popper just gave us another GREAT cyst popping video as a part of her highlight reel, and this one is actually on someone's ARM.

That right, Dr. Sandra Lee slices and dices to get at this lipoma, and you know what that means...this thing is going to flop out of the body like a fish!

Take a look at this awesome you can see she has to carefully draw out her area in black marker before attacking this thing.

Watching this thing is mesmerizing! Check It Out...

Watch It Blast...



Lipoma party of days on this one! And all inside of someone's arm?! It's shocking but the fans love it...and most likely the patient is happy with the results too.

You have to watch this video...and see how it makes it' way out of the body inch by inch. At one point Dr. Lee even has to reach back for the scissors and cut it up it's so big!

These are the type of pops that get the show life long fans, one person even posted, "My 5-year-old daughter loves to watch your videos, she's always asking to watch some 😂shes a massive fan!! Starting them young!

Watch The Video!

Just Under The Hairline!


This is what it looks like if you have a perfectly shaped round lipoma growing right underneath your hairline...and Dr. Pimple Popper is the person to get it out!

"Sometimes you’re just born perfect or maybe it’s ‘pop’elline!" Dr. Sandra Lee said of this pop.

She is right...normally they are messy and nasty when they pop, but this thing comes flying out like a perfectly shaped hard-boiled egg!

You have have to see the good doctor squeeze this thing out!

Take A Look !

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