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Dr. Dre Divorce: Battle Raging Over Access To Records Of Legendary Rapper's MASSIVE Fortune

By Mike Walters

Dr. Dre and his estranged wife are battling over access to the legendary rapper's financial records, and he is trying to stop her from having access to his 'separate' business affairs.

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Dr. Dre's wife has subpoenaed the Hip Hop mogul's longtime accountant for copies of all of his business and accounting records going back 10 YEARS.

As you can imagine, the documentation is HUGE and Dre's is fighting the release of any of the information to his estranged wife claiming it contains his 'private information.'

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Dr. Dre Claims He Has Kept 'Seperate Books And Records' Throughout His Marriage


As we reported, Dr. Dre's wife claims he 'tore up' the couple's prenuptial agreement a few years after they were married, making any of his businesses launched after that point in time -- their 'community property.'

The 'Beats' co-founder disagrees and says he never 'tore up' or modified the prenup, so a large chunk of the money is HIS and not community property.

So, the two sides lawyers are now battling over access to the numbers.

In the filing, Dr. Dre says, "throughout our marriage, I have maintained separate books and records regarding my separate property and my separate property business entities."

He continues, "I object to the production of such documents which contain my private information as well as my confidential business information that involves third parties as well. For example‚ there is no basis for the production of my confidential employee employment records."

Rapper's Records Are SEVEN Books Filled With Numbers, Information


In the documents, Dre's lawyers say that he is preparing to turn over the couple's joint tax returns for the same time period, which should give enough information to his wife.

But, as you can see, what exactly is his, or 'theirs' is going to become a huge issue in this divorce. Not to mention, going through the huge amount of documentation involved in Dre's $1 BILLION fortune.

According to Dre's accountant, who filed a declaration in the case, says they have been keeping separate records from his businesses.

"We prepared a separate retainer agreement for our representation of (Dre's) separate property and separate business interests and another retainer agreement for our work for the parties in connection with one joint community property account, the preparation of joint income tax returns, and the payment of various living expenses for the parties. We have maintained separate books and records for (Dre) and each of his separate property business entities for the past two decades," the accountant states.

Adding, "The documents requested span more than a decade and involve at least seven different sets of books and records."

Dr. Dre's Team Claims They Were Aware Of His Prenup All Along...


Plus, Dre's accountant says he was told about the couple's prenup, and to follow it from the day he started working for the rapper.

According to the documents, Nicole Young is considering going to court and asking a judge to force Dre to hand over $ 1 Million now and to 'maintain the financial status quo' until the couple can figure out the rest.

Interestingly, Dre's lawyers argue that although the couple has been married for 20 years, it doesn't mean he has to turn over all private records. In the filing, it says that may include some doctor/patient information, or information about his 'health.'

"Although the marital relationship does narrow spouses’ privacy rights from one another, it is not obsolete. (Dre) is entitled to some modicum of privacy, including information relating to his health," it states.

Divorce Battle Rages On!


It is clear, Nicole's position is that there is NO prenup, so she is entitled to see all the records and in the state of California would be entitled to half of the fortune.

But, Dre is claiming the couple has an iron-clad prenup and she is only entitled to what is in the document. We are guessing it isn't close to what she would get otherwise.

As we reported, the couple will go in front of a judge to figure out if the document will stick or not, but for now, Dr. Dre does not want to turn over all of this financial information until he knows exactly what is necessary.

It sounds like this may get worse before it gets better.

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