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Dr. DisRespect Had Windows of Porsche Shot Out Too, Cops Step Up Patrols Around Home

By TheBlast Staff

Dr. DisRespect not only lost a window when someone shot at his house, his Porsche was hit the day before, and cops are trying to determine if anyone has a grudge out for the professional gamer.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department tell The Blast they have determined the two shootings that took place at the popular Twitch gamer's Encinitas area home were done with a BB gun, not a real firearm.

Dr. DisRespect said during his stream Tuesday there had been a shooting at his home the day before, and we're told the culprit actually shot out the windows of his Porsche. The following day a glass barrier on his property was shot at while he was playing Call of Duty live on the air.

Dr. Disrespect
The Blast

We're told the Doc, real name Guy Beahm, told investigators he's not aware of anyone with a grudge against him, or any known enemies -- despite the enemies he annihilates on a daily basis online.

For the time being, cops tell us they will be stepping up patrols in the area and on the lookout for a repeat offender. We're told it's still unclear if Dr. DisRespect was specifically targeted, or if he happened to be in the path of someone firing a BB gun at a nearby park.

The day after Tuesday's shooting, the gamer told his audience everything was being handled, but he did not want to discuss the incident any further.

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