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Donald Trump Says One Of The Shootings Was In 'Toledo,' And Everyone's Confused

Gettyimages | Alex Wong
By Emily Reily

Donald Trump blessed the memory of those who died in the "Toledo" shooting, except the recent massacre happened in Dayton. Thankfully, social media is here to make sure we all get the correction.

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Trump Addressed the Recent Attacks

You don't believe that Trump mentioned a completely different city when referencing a mass shooting that happened days ago? See for yourself. Here's Trump addressing the nation.

Nine people died in the shooting early Sunday in a Dayton bar, and more than 20 were injured. The gunman was killed during the attack.

Hats Off To Those Speechwriters

Some wanted to give the president some credit, pointing out the fact that someone put that on a teleprompter for him to read:

“Dude, he was reading a TelePrompTer. This is not a federal offense,” wrote @NikkiBAEley.

But seriously, he can’t think for himself? And who put in Toledo in the text? Are his own speechwriters trolling him? If so, bravo.

Congrats, We're Now Even Worse Off

Way to be, while everyone’s mourning our decaying country.

Let's Focus On the Big Picture

The sad thing is that his speech gaffe, easily one of thousands in Trump's career, could lead the discourse today.

We’re hoping people can continue to focus on what’s important – introducing gun-control legislation that will keep high-powered rifles and other types of guns out of the hands of Americans.

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