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'Tiger King' Star Joe Exotic's Team Heads To Washington D.C. To Hand Deliver Pardon Request To Trump!

By Mike Walters

'Tiger King' star Joe Exotic's team is heading back to Washington D.C. to give another shot at getting the Netflix star a federal pardon from President Donald Trump, and this time they are coming armed with a handwritten letter from the man himself.

According to reports, Exotic's team is made up of attorneys and advocates who are working with his current legal team to hand-deliver a copy of the official pardon request to a specific contact at the White House.

Like the first time, part of the team is heading to the capital in a giant bus with the words 'Team Trump' on the side and 'Pardon Joe Exotic.'

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Joe Exotic's Team Heading To Capital On Giant Bus Armed With Pardon Request


Interestingly, one member of Exotic's team -- Eric Love -- apparently has a contact within the White House and is hoping that the handoff can be made getting the letter into the bosses' hands ASAP.

Plus, according to reports, the 'Tiger King' squad has several other contacts that are helping them to get locked in including Brad Parscale, Trump's head of digital operations for his campaign.

Apparently, Joe's team met with Brad in Texas recently and more help can't hurt.

This is the second time a parade of Joe Exotic supporters has descended on the White House, in a huge bus, trying to get him a pardon. But, it looks like the first round didn't work.

'Team Tiger Is Heading To D.C On Wednesday To Deliver My Pardon Letter'


The Joe Exotic team says they will be making the venture on Wednesday of next week, and the zoo owner published a statement on his IG, saying, "Team Tiger will be heading back to DC on Wednesday to deliver my Pardon letter. I can’t say it enough how thankful I am to finally have a defense team who cares about my truth.....#freejoeexotic #helpfreejoe #pardonjoeexotic."

Not everyone thinks it's a great idea, with one fan writing, "What makes you think out of everything that's going on in America he's going to pardon you 😂 get used to the fact your not getting out of prison you've got your hopes set on it prepare to be disappointed big time."

'Tiger King' Star Is On Trump's Radar...


The good news, Joe Exotic is definitely on Donald Trump's radar after a reporter asked him about the Netflix star during a recent press conference.

"One of the biggest rating hits of the coronavirus, aside from these briefings, has been a show on Netflix called 'Tiger King,'" The man who's the star of this is a former zoo owner who is serving a 22-year prison sentence. He's asking you for a pardon, saying he was unfairly convicted," the reporter noted.

Adding, "I was wondering if you've seen the show and if you have any thoughts on pardoning Joe Exotic?"

After some banter about his son, he said, "I'll take a look."

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