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Donald Trump Roasted As 'Bunker Boy' After Denying He Fled To Safe Room During White House Protests

By Ryan Naumann

Donald Trump is being nicknamed "bunker boy" after denying multiple reports that he was whisked away to a secure room during White House protests.

Last week, The New York Times reported the Secret Service escorted President Trump to the White House bunker as the protests outside over George Floyd’s murder grew.

The outlet reported Trump and his family were “unnerved” by the protest but only the President was taken to the safe spot. The room is named “The Presidential Emergency Operations Center’ and is located underneath the East Wing. Multiple reports say Trump stayed down there for roughly an hour.

The last time the bunker was used was for then-Vice President Dick Cheney following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2011. The morning after he was reportedly taken to the bunker, Trump claimed on Twitter that he watched the protestors “every move” and accused them of being “there to cause trouble.”

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After the NY Times report was published, Trump obviously had to deny it on Fox News. He spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the claims he escaped to a bunker.

He admitted to having had to visit the bunker but claimed he only went during the day, Trump denied the claims he was scared and had to go hide underneath the White House.

He said, “They said it would be a good time to go down and take a look because maybe, sometimes you learn you need it.” He told Fox News he’s been down to the safe room “two-and-a-half-times.


Trump said he was only down there for a short period of time to do an “inspection” in case they needed to use the bunker in the future. He added, ““There was never a problem. Nobody ever came close to giving us a problem. The Secret Service does an unbelievable job of maintaining control of the White House.”

Donald’s remarks come as the public uproar over George Floyd’s murder continues to grow.

Many roasted Donald on Twitter over the bunker story. One wrote, “Your daily reminder: Jim Mattis served America with honor and distinction for 40 years. @realDonaldTrump was a draft-dodging chickenshit who hides in a bunker and returns fire via Twitter.”

Another wrote, “Apparently Donald Trump didn't feel safe in a fortified building that is guarded by Secret Service 24/7 and has a bunker. He is so scared that he needed to build multiple walls around it as well. What a wuss”

“The fact that we are collectively calling @realDonaldTrump bunker boy and asking “did Mexico pay to build the wall around the White House?” shines some happiness on my breakfast this morning #LatinosForBlackLivesMatter,” wrote one person.

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