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Miley Cyrus STUNS With Breast-Shaking Video In Honor Of Dolly Parton's Birthday!

By Mike Walters

Miley Cyrus had a message for Dolly Parton on her 74th birthday, and it involved singing, dancing, and a little sexy breast shaking on social media!

"Happy Birthday Aunt Dolly!!!!! ( . ) ( . )" Miley posted alongside several photos and video of herself dressed up like the county icon.

In the video, you can see Miley is in front of a mirror preparing herself for a performance dressed up like Dolly herself. But, in the preparation, Miley decides to turn to the camera and give it a little boob grab and shake. The video is awesome!

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See The Smoking Hot Video!


That's not it! If you swipe on the Instagram post you will also get to hear Miley do her best singing impression of Dolly Parton on a television appearance and she is lights out!

Fans of the singer couldn't agree more...and took to Instagram to let her know just how great she is in the video. She even caught the eye of a few celebrities.

Hilary Swank said, "Your voice is absolutely stunning."

Miley Looks Just Like Dolly!


One fan of the 'Wrecking Ball' singer wrote, "This is sooo good! I almost can not tell the difference..."

Another added, "Ah-may-zing!!!!!!!!"

At one point, you kind of forget what is the point of her is Dolly Parton's birthday! So a few people dropped messages to the country star too.

"love you Miley 😭🖤 and happy birthday queen dolly of course, ❤️" one fan wrote. "Happy birthday to dolly! This reminds me of that episode of Hannah Montana where you dress like dolly."

You Have To Hear This!


People loved Miley's video and made some great points about the song she is singing, "Omg yess iconic!! 😍❤️what all the aunts and uncles listen too when they drink HAHAHA," This is the cutest thing 😍 you’re such a sweetheart Miley 💖 like your auntie dolly."

Everyone agrees both of these ladies are some of the most talented artists who ever lived, and boy are they sexy too!

Check Out The Video!

Miley CRUSHING The Internet Lately...


Miley has been lighting up social media recently with sexy shots of herself...and no one is complaining!

This shot she shared a few weeks ago inside her bathroom...and you can see the rest! Cyrus has been on a campaign online to post the sexiest photos she can come up with...

"I’m getting more basic by the day. The only thing the “new me” loves more than a mirror selfie is a self timed one. PS this is getting removed soon! I’ve been warned by the gram gods ! PPS I fucking love you instagram! Thank you for stanning the Nips! Respect." she captioned.

Luckily, Instagram is letting this one slide!

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