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Doja Cat Reveals She Puts Caviar On Cheetos Now That She's Got Money

By Jeff Mazzeo

New money does weird things!

Doja Cat confessed that her tastes are a little different now when she appeared on Nick Cannon’s morning radio show on Wednesday. The singer explained that caviar is her new guilty pleasure despite only trying it for the first time a few weeks ago.

"I can eat a can of caviar,” she told Nick. "I can eat a lot of it, man and my sodium levels are gonna just skyrocket."

Scroll down to see the clip.

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Cheeto Talk


Nick pushed the star to explain how she eats the expensive delicacy.

"You put it on a cracker?” Cannon asked.

"No, no, no, straight with the spoon," Doja replied. "I put it on a... on a Cheeto, I think I put it on a Cheeto. A Hot Cheeto."

We are pretty sure she is the first person to put caviar on Cheetos but Chester Cheetah must be stoked!

"That's a song title," Nick said. "Caviar on Cheetos!"

Doja seemed to like Nick's song idea.

At Least She Likes Altoids Too


A day before her bizarre caviar confession, Doja Cat shared a weird video where she declared her love for Altoids breath mints. She used the strange clip to promote her new music video for her hit song, "Say So" but nobody really understood why she was so passionate about the refreshing breath savers. It makes a lot more sense now that we know she has been snaking on salt-cured roe.

"I like, I like Altoids," she strangely said before obnoxiously chewing several mints at ones.

She has always been an odd bird but that's why we love her. Do you think a normal person could come up with "Mooo!?"

Stream 'Say So' Or Else!


Doja wants her millions of fans to stream the remix of "Say So" featuring Nicki Minaj so bad that she has resorted to making hilarious idol threats on her Instagram story.

"If you guys don't stream "Say So" I won't make it to number one and therefore I'm gonna go eat so much chips that I'm gonna die!" she joked.

Sounds a little extreme to us but her song is a bop and Nicki's verse is fire so go stream it

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