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1. A Heartbreaking Moment

People released an exclusive clip of Wednesday night's Dog's Most Wanted episode, focusing on a tragic moment for Dog and Beth. In the clip, Dog explains to Beth's best friend Rainy Robinson that the news was not good.

"“She’s supposed to have a doctor’s appointment in six minutes and I don’t think she’s going,” Duane told Robinson. “I don’t think they’re going to give her the good news she wants to hear. I don’t think they’ll go, ‘Oh the other doctor that you’re seeing, it’s all shrinking and it’s really good.’ “

“It’s very hard for her to trust this whole process because of all the shenanigans that started in the very, very beginning rather than just telling her right upfront,” Robinson responded.

2. Not The First Time Around

After Beth's last surgery in 2017, she could "barely talk," so Dog was very worried about what this news would be.

“The doctor came to me and goes, ‘I’m not sure she’s going to pull out of this. We’ve been trying to wake her up, she’s been in and out of consciousness, she may slip into a coma.’ I did my test and I took a blank piece of paper and I laid it on her chest with a pen. I shook her head and go, ‘Honey I want you to sign that and she went like this, (puts up middle finger), and the doctor says, ‘She’s alright.’ “

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