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Dog The Bounty Hunter's Kids React To Final Episode And Beth's Last Hours, 'I Love You Mom'

By Mike Walters

'Dog's Most Wanted' aired it's final episode and fans were able to relive the last moments of Beth Chapman's life with her family. Her children are now reacting to watching that final episode and sending messages to their late mother.

Duane and Beth Chapman's son Garry posted an emotional message to social media after watching the last episode with his father.

"These past few years you have stressed to be strong now I know why you always told me to. You knew that one day soon I would need the strength to bear your loss. I just had to watch the goodbye episode for my mom," Garry said.

Beth's son, who they call Garry boy, also noted the struggles of being a celebrity but admitted that in a situation like this he is grateful to have some of the moments with his mom on tape.

"Sometimes it sucks living such a public life, but it has its moments; I’m able to look back on things like this. I love you Mom," he posted.

Garry let fans in on some of his feelings surrounding his mother's death, in an earlier message saying, "I find myself navigating through my phone wondering why I’ve not gotten a text from you some times. It’s been one of those days."

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Heartbreaking Moments With The Kids


Duane's daughter Bonnie posted a message on Instagram saying goodbye to the "Queen", and said, "I miss you every day. Your birthday is coming up, wish I could celebrate with you one last time. Thank you for being there for my graduation, now I’m so thankful I have that moment with you."

After the last episode had ended, Dog's daughter Lyssa posted an emotional video describing what it was like watching the final moments of Beth's life on the show. "Its been one of the hardest things I've had to do in my life", she said in the video.

Fans sent words of encouragement and support to the family during the tough time, "We love you lyssa your whole family deserves peace now that the show has ended take time to heal." one fan said.

Dog Contemplates Taking His Own Life


Dog The Bounty Hunter reveals in the final episode of 'Dog's Most Wanted' he considered taking his own life after Beth Chapman's death.

“I just hope that I don’t live very much longer without her, because now she made the first step, she’s through the gate,” he explained to show cameras.

“She paved a way for me. I want to take a g** d* pain pill so bad. I feel like if I did something to myself right now and passed away suicidal and I got to heaven and was like, ‘Hi honey,’ and would she go, ‘You d* a** why would you do that?’

At the time, Dog was obviously struggling with how to cope with the loss, and exactly what Beth would have wanted for him.

"Or would she go, ‘Wow, you’re here.’ I’ll be like ‘Of course I’m here. You left me. I’m here.’ So, am I obligated to do that?” he explained.

Beth's Final Moments....


Beth Chapman died after a long battle with cancer.

As we reported, Beth was rushed to a Hawaiian hospital after a tumor in her throat had caused trouble breathing.

During the final episode of 'Dogs Most Wanted' fans were given a look at the emotional final hours of Beth's life and the family's private conversations surrounding that day. In a home video, shared with viewers, Dog's daughters are at a loss for words describing their feeling surrounding Beth's final hours.

“It feels like it’s not real,” Lyssa says.

Dog comforts Lyssa, “We’ve prepared for this for a while...I don’t care how much you prepare, it’s tough.”

The Chapman family hosted a 'paddle out' in Hawaii to celebrate Beth's life, and a formal ceremony was held in Colorado where the couple have a home.

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