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PETA Says You're Walking Your Dog Wrong

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By Emily Reily

Take Some Walking Tips From PETA

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PETA founder and president Ingrid Newkirk says you're doing it all wrong -- when it comes to walking your dog, that is.

Newkirk says dog owners are rushing their pets along when it's potty time, and are also being "too distant."

She may be referring to referring to those short walks some may take with their pets, saying owners might be doing their dogs a disservice.

“It’s their walk, you know?” she said.

If you own a dog and you spend quality time with them while giving them ample space to relieve themselves, then you get a treat. But if your walking game needs some work, Newkirk has some words.

It's All About the Pets


Newkirk spoke about the subject on Seattle's Morning News with Dave Ross.

She's not totally shredding owners, it should be noted. Newkirk is glad that people are pet owners. It's obviously an important step to keeping them with loving families.

“Dogs and cats are just crammed into our shelters these days, and they desperately need homes. We definitely need to do something about the homeless animals crisis.”

There's a Reason It's Their Favorite Tree


In an interview on Seattle’s Morning News with Dave Ross, Newkirk said: “That’s a very special occasion for a dog, to be outside and to smell and to look. They don’t want to be stuck in a room all day with their legs crossed, hoping to go outside. It’s more than a bathroom break, it’s an excursion.”

And she added that we're all too busy yapping -- we need to pay more attention to our furry friends.

“Get off your phone. People are so wrapped up in their own things they want to do," she said.

Read Up On Keeping Your Pet Happy


Look at it from the dog's point of view - they can't really read. They don't play video games. They can't go to the opera. Give them a break and let them have a little fun at least.

“Let them sniff!” Newkirk said. “That’s their way they read the news, that’s their Internet. Don’t drag them along.”

Give Them Room To Roam


If you've ever felt uncomfortable seeing a dog with a tight collar around their neck, you may be justified -- Newkirk recommends using a harness instead of a collar.

“I would go with a harness,” she said. “Because a collar can cause a lot of problems, and never a choke or prong collar.”

Newkirk also says if you can manage more than one pet, please do.

“Get two if you can, they can keep each other company when you’re out. And of course, sterilize them, so as not to continue to add to this homelessness crisis.”

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