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Dog The Bounty Hunter Spends His First Thanksgiving Without Wife Beth Chapman

By Mike Walters

Dog The Bounty Hunter is spending the first Thanksgiving Day without his beloved wife, Beth Chapman, but the good thing is he will be sounded by his kids and family.

Duane 'Dog' Chapman spent the first part of the holiday wishing all of his social media followers a "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" which he posted alongside a photo a perfectly cooked turkey and two glasses of wine.

It's a tough holiday for Dog knowing that it will be spent without his wife Beth Chapman who passed away earlier this year from throat cancer.

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Dog Is Cooking The Turkey!


The good news...Dog is hosting his family at his home for the holiday so he will be sounded by his loved ones. Chapman told PEOPLE magazine he would also be in charge of the cooking.

“I hope there is a guide on YouTube!” Dog said jokingly.

He continued, “Several family members are coming for the meal and my children are all freaked out because I’m cooking."

Luckily for Duane a few of his family members will be bringing te side dishes just in case the turkey doesn't turn out perfect. “The daughters will be bringing other dishes to go with the turkey. We always realize what the day of Thanksgiving means, so we all talk about the main thing we are thankful for," he said.

Butthole Of The Turkey Award


The Chapman family is similar to the rest of us dealing with the issues with having a big group together, saying, "We also have an award we give out, which is called the Butthole of the Turkey award and it goes to the most difficult child of that previous year,” adding it will most likely be going to his son Garry this year.

Dog will have to be careful what he eats this year, remember, he was hospitalized in September for heart issues. It turns out Dog was suffering from a pulmonary embolism in the heart. The condition exists when one more arteries have been blocked by blood.

Later in the day, Dog also shared a post as part of an Instagram story relating to a new scholarship that has been set up in the memory of Beth Chapman.

A Scholarship For In Beth's Honor

Rainy Robinson shared the information to fans about the memorial scholarship set up in Beth’s honor.

“For those of you that don’t know, A Beth Chapman Memorial Scholarship non-profit was established in her honor. This scholarship is designated for those wanting to complete their GED/HiSet test. Please share. #ThisOnesForBeth #DogsMostWantedSeason2”

The site features a message detailing the scholarship, saying, "This is the home of the Beth Chapman Memorial Scholarship. It is here you can gain information regarding the scholarship fund that has been established in her honor and her memory."

It continues, "This scholarship was established for those wanting to study and test for their GED or HiSet test. Having this achievement can unlock doors for many and set up a lifetime of additional achievements."

Beth's Basic Principles

The website set up for the scholarship explains those who wish to apply should follow some of what is called 'Beth's Basic Principles' which include:

STEPPING STONES Completing the High School Equivalency Exam is a stepping stone to your future. Life can indeed get in the way. Regardless of your situation, this scholarship fund may be of help.

STRENGTH FLEXIBILITY We encourage all that have not met this basic life achievement to apply. There is absolutely no age limit. The application process is rather quite simple. You can apply here and right online.

SELF REGENERATION Demonstrating the skills to success. You knew you could do it. We think so too. All of it is a process whether young, old or somewhere in between. This fund was created and designed for those wanting to achieve this goal in their life.

PUTTING IT TOGETHER Beth Chapman was a force. One thing she always believed in was people. No matter their station in life, regardless of their past, she felt there was always something to gain. This is a gift you can give yourself that can never be taken

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