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Dog The Bounty Hunter Exposes His Online Imposters Using Fake Accounts

By Mike Walters

Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman is dealing with a ton of fake social media accounts claiming to be him, so he has decided to expose each and every account one by one.

Dog and his team posted a picture of one such account, calling it out as a fake and asking his fans to not get duped by the imposters.

"Today's fake account is @duanelee66. Another pathetic fake," Dog's team posted on Instagram.

The message continued, "There are so many of them. We have seen them on every platform pretty much. I did some searching last night and found multiple fake accounts for so many different well-known people."

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Fake Account Warning!


Chapman included a photo of the actual fake account, and it isn't the first time he has called out fake accounts online.

The good news, Dog's fans responded in droves helping to spread the word about the fake account and sending messages of encouragement to the team. "Hackers make me want to become a police officer or some other type of law enforcement and bring them to justice. Stay healthy dog," one person commented.

Another person posted, "It’s a shame they do that. This man leaves his family every day to protect people he’s a role model. I block every one of them of any fake account I have blocked hundreds of fake accounts and keep counting."

The Fake Driver's License


Also, Dog The Bounty Hunter fans are blocking the accounts and reporting it to the social media companies which helps weed out the fake ones. "I blocked it and reported I'm so sorry this keeps happening I will continue to keep my eyes out for other fake accounts and I continue to pray for dog and his family," one fan said.

This isn't the first time Dog has had to warn his fans of scammers online, just a few days ago, Chapman posted a picture of a fake Colorado drivers license with his face on it which he says someone was using to scam people out of money on Facebook.

Dog's team posted, at the time, "SCAMMER WARNING We found out a scammer on Facebook is using fake ID for @DogBountyHunter...Dog will never ever contact you directly on Facebook nor ask you for money, gift cards or anything else. Please be careful Always look for the verified Blue Checkmark."

Dog Spends First Thanksgiving Without Wife Beth Chapman


Dog The Bounty Hunter spend his first Thanksgiving Day without his beloved wife, Beth Chapman, and luckily he was surrounding by his family.

Obviously, it has been a tough holiday spending it without Beth Chapman who passed away earlier this year from throat cancer.

Dog hosted his family and friends for Thanksgiving and told he told PEOPLE magazine he would also be in charge of cooking the meal. “Several family members are coming for the meal and my children are all freaked out because I’m cooking," Dog said jokingly.

Family By His Side...


Luckily, his kids brought other dishes for the meal, “The daughters will be bringing other dishes to go with the turkey. We always realize what the day of Thanksgiving means, so we all talk about the main thing we are thankful for," he said.

The Chapman family sounds like a fun group to hang with, "We also have an award we give out, which is called the Butthole of the Turkey award and it goes to the most difficult child of that previous year,” Dog said. Adding it will most likely be going to his son Garry this year.

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