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Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman's Daughter Shares Video Of Him Dancing Shirtless On Father's Day!!

By Mike Walters

Dog The Bounty Hunter's daughter is wishing him a Happy Father's Day, but she just made all of his fans day too -- after sharing a video of him singing and dancing shirtless!! It is AWESOME!!

Duane Chapman's daughter, Baby Lyssa, posted a video on Instagram of the big guy dancing shirtless, in a pair of overalls, which looks like it was taken during Christmas morning.

The video is so great! Dog is singing and dancing while holding on to a walking stick which he uses as a microphone and then a guitar.

You Gotta See This!

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"Happy Fathers Day DAD. Thanks to GOD for picking me to be your daughter, and THANK YOU, for picking me as your favorite child ! 😆 Love you ! #DaddysGirl #MyDAD" Lyssa captioned the video.

In the clip, you can see just how happy Dog is to have all his family with him during the holidays, especially since this was the first Christmas since the passing of his wife Beth Chapman.

Plus, who in the world knew Dog has such good moves!!!

"This is the cutest video ever 😭🤩🤩🤩🤩 @mslyssac 💜 Happy Fathers day to you DOG!!! 🤙😎," one fan wrote.

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This Guy Has Some Real Moves!!


"He is freaking awesome!!! Happy Father’s Day Dog!!! ❤️❤️❤️" one fan wrote after seeing the video.

Another added, "Omg I’m crying 😂 that is great he seems like an amazing dad."

After seeing just how good Dog is at shaking his moneymaker, a few fans started lobbying for Duane to get a shot at 'Dancing With the Stars!'

"That's his audition for dancing with the stars," a fan posted.

This may be the beginning of a new TV show for him! "Even when dog is NOT on TV he is still funny," a fan added.

Keep Scrolling To See Him Shake It!

See The Mind-Blowing Video!


As we reported, Lyssa and Dog have mended their estranged relationship and his daughter has been publically supportive of his new engagement to Francie Frane.

"Omg I love this he so happy and I’m so glad to see that he has got his sprit back after losing Beth she would want him to move on and be happy I love you all, Happy Father’s Day Dog," a DTBH fan wrote after watching the video.

We have to agree with this one, "Best Video Of Dog Ever!"

Watch This AMAZING Video!

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