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Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman's Grandson, Dakota, Is RIPPED!! See The Photos!

By Mike Walters

Dog The Bounty Hunter's grandson, Dakota, is blessed with the Chapman family genes and just showed off just how ripped he actually is on his social media. You have to see this!

Duane Chapman's grandson is the son of Leland Chapman, who is well known to those who watched Dog and Beth's hit reality show, 'Dog's Most Wanted.'

He shares a special bond with his grandfather, and Duane calls him "Dakota Dog."

Dog's grandson just shared a workout video on Instagram, and he is jacked!!

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See The Photos Of Dog's Jacked Grandson!!


Dakota appeared on the family's second reality show, 'Dog and Beth: On the Hunt' on CMT. But, as a young boy D was involved in production while his dad, Leland, filmed with the family.

Dakota was even featured on a few episodes because he is now in the family business. The younger Chapman lives on Hawaii with his wife and kids and is out there fighting bad guys.

"Putting in work Lifting one obstacle at a time 😎💪🏼 #fitness #homeworkout #100repchallenge #stressrelief #quarantine #chiricahuaapache #hawaiian #hawaii #aloha" he captioned the video.

Dakota Has The Chapman Family Genes!!


The 100 rep challenge is a 6-week workout program, where each week you do two days of barbell lifting, two days of 100-rep exercises, and two days of sled pushing.

"The 100-rep work is made up of an upper-body day and a lower body day. You'll perform 100 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise," one article says.

The bottom line -- is it obviously works!

Fans of the Chapman family lit up his Instagram page to point out his ripped physique, saying, "DAMN DAKOTA YOU FINE AF 😍😍😍"

"So so Handsome ❤️❤️😘" another person wrote.

This Isn't The First Time Dakota Has Repped Shirtless On IG!


A few fans just pointed out they are on the quarantine workout train too, saying, "Great 😀👍me too walking a lot everyday fasting during the day."

This isn't the first time Dakota has melted down Instagram, last season of his grandpa's show-- the younger Chapman decided to promote the new season by telling fans to tune in...SHIRTLESS!!

Chapman was ripped back then too, but it looks like he is putting on some extra muscle these days!!

As we reported, Dog has been in the headlines recently after he went public with his new girlfriend, Francie Frane.

The relationship is very serious -- and both Dog and Francie have said 'I Love You' to each other publically on social media. The couple is currently quarantined together in Colorado. The good news is that it appears all of Dog's family is pumped about his new relationship.

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