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Dog The Bounty Hunter Shares Picture Of Rumored New GF, We're Told It's NOT Romantic!

By Mike Walters

Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman shared a photo of himself with a longtime family friend, Moon Angell, and many believe it is the confirmation that they are now a couple. But, we are told that's just not the case.

As we reported, Moon, is a family friend who has worked with the family for administrative support at Da Kine Bail Bonds for over 20 years.

"Thank you MOON !!!!" Dog captioned the photo of the two of them. Obviously, it seems he is referring to all the hard work and help Moon has put in for the family in the last few months.

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It's Not What It Looks Like...


Earlier this month, a story surfaced on Twitter alluding to the fact that Dog maybe now romantically linked to Moon. We are told it's just not the case. In fact, we're told, as you can imagine after Beth's death many people working for the family have stepped up to help Dog and the family businesses.

The good news is that Dog looks happy, after having to go through his first Christmas holiday season without Beth.

The picture has sparked a fierce debate on Dog's social media pages about him being able to enter the dating pool at some point following Beth's death.

First Christmas Without Beth...


"Let the man be HAPPY!!! He deserves it! Not too long ago he was contemplating suicide. Now he has a smile on his face. I don't care who it is he has started a relationship with...Beth would want him HAPPY!!!" one fan posted.

Another added, "Aloha bra very happy for you do what makes you, HAPPY everyone in your circle gets to have someone and so do you god bless you be happy dog that's what matters."

Many of Duane's fans are just sending positive vibes and prayers his way, "Praying God's will in the lives of everyone involved. Love and healing and justice prevail. Love you alllll!"

Dog And Moon


Several people defended Dog's ability to start dating when he feels it is the right time. As one person put it, "Who gave the time limit on how long a spouse should be deceased before one starts living again? I thing Dog has been through enough and although he will always love ❤️ Beth she will never physically be back. He can’t go on forever alone. It will be some time and some woman and he has to be the one to decide when and whom he’s ready to move on to the next chapter in his life with. It’s ok Dog you go on and find some happiness."

No One Will Ever Replace The Matriarch

Another added, "He's a GROWN MAN, HE'S NOT STUPID! He know's there isn't a WOMAN in this world that could EVER REPLACE BETH! And BELIEVE IT OR NOT it's ok for him to have FEMALE FRIENDS! And IT'S OK for him to fill his LONELINESS! GEEZE PEOPLE!! Having FRIENDS to laugh with, talk with, do things with IS ALL OK! Did I mention,,, HE'S A GROWN MAN!! Also IT IS WHAT IT IS, WHATEVER IT IS!!!"

One fan of the bounty hunter said it clearly, "Who friggen cares? Let the man smile and keep your judgments quiet."

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