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Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman Holiday Fishing With His Smoking Hot Daughter Lyssa

By Mike Walters

Dog The Bounty Hunter is spending memorial weekend fishing with his daughter Lyssa and many are pointing out just how HOT the reality star's daughter really is!!

Duane Chapman posted a photo of himself casting a line out into a beautiful lake, most likely near his home in Colorado, and he is chilling with his daughter 'Baby Lyssa.'

Lyssa also posted the heartwarming photo, with the caption, "Fishing with Dad 🎣."

Of course, a few fans point out how hot Dog looks in his sleeveless shirt, "there's my hero! He's the first older man that I have known to be divinely sexy and sweet!! he's one hot Dog!🔥🔥🔥😍"

But, have you seen how HOT his daughter Lyssa is?!

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See The Smoking Hot Bikini Picture!

Dog The Bounty Hunter fans are pumped to see the family all getting along, and hanging out together for the holidays. But, Lyssa has been lighting up Instagram with blazin' hot snaps and fans can't get enough of it!

Last week, Lyssa posted a mind-blowing photo in a string bikini and one fan said, "OMG, I fell in LOVE and fell outta my chair at the same time when I saw this pic! HOLY MOLY GIRL!!!"

"You're so SEXY so BEAUTIFUL baby Lyssa ALOHA," another one added.

You gotta see this!

Lyssa Chapman Is STUNNING!!

"My god you’re stunning 😍" a fan wrote after seeing the pictures.

This isn't the first time Lyssa has lit Instagram on fire, just a few months back -- the reality star posted another photo where she is sporting a skin-tight mini skirt and she is drop-dead gorgeous.

"No you didn't!!!!! Wow!!!!! 💥👊🏼🙏🏼" one person wrote.

We all knew that Lysaa was stunning, but part of the reason she is putting a bit more out there these days is she has a successful clothing line. What better way to sell it than to wear it on your rock hard body!

Check This Out!

Fishing With Dad...

As you know, Dog and Lyssa haven't had the best relationship over the years, and recently she was not too happy about his possible engagement with the family's personal assistant.

But, Lyssa has been very vocal about her blessing for Dog's new relationship with fiancee, Francie Frane.

"Francie has been very respectful to all the kids - and to Beth's memory - and my dad is the same way with Bob and their children," Lyssa told The Sun.

She continued, "They go to church three times a week and dad is trying to give up smoking -- she is a good woman for my dad. He's the happiest I've seen him in a long time - he's so in love and wants to spend the rest of his life with Francie."

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