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Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman's Hot Daughter-In-Law Competes For Inked Magazine Cover Girl

By Mike Walters

Dog The Bounty Hunter's daughter-in-law is competing for the title of 'Inked Magazine Cover Girl 2020' -- and based on the photographs of his son's wife, she should be given the award ASAP!!

Dog's son, Leland Chapman, posted a message on Instagram in support of his beautiful wife's becoming a cover girl for the tattoo magazine, and he has a great point...You have to see these photos!

As you know, Leland starred alongside his father on the family's huge it reality show 'Dog The Bounty Hunter.' Leland married his wife Jaimie Pilar Champan in 2016.

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"Please do a FREE DAILY VOTE for my wife who is competing to win Inked Magazine Cover girl 2020. This has been her dream since before we met," the reality star posted.

He continued, "My wife has always stood by me through thick and thin, and all the obstacles that came last year. She’s supported me always. Now it’s my time to show her I support her by telling everyone to please vote for her. She would be so happy to win after all of her hard work and dedication over the years to try and achieve this goal. The link is in my bio and Instagram story, as well as on @jamiepchapman IG. Thank you all."

Leland's Wife Competing For Inked Magazine Cover Girl


The blonde bombshell, who is covered in tattoos, answered questions about her ink for the magazine's contest.

"My life is anything but ordinary, it’s extraordinary! I’m a wife, bonus mom, dog mom, & a hot a** grandma!" Jaime wrote.

"My first tattoo was at 18 & it was a four leaf clover on my wrist," Leland's wife said of her ink. She added, "I feel more myself with tattoos than I ever did without. I think the feeling you get from looking in the mirror & loving the person you see staring back is part of the key to happiness. It’s also an addictive feeling when sitting in the chair getting a tattoo. For me it’s very calming & relaxing between the feeling, noise, and smell."

Winner Will Receive $25,000 Prize And The Cover!


Leland and Jaime have asked that fans vote online daily, which will allow her to gain the title. The win would come with a $25,000 prize, and of course the cover.

How would she spend the money you ask? -- "I am a workaholic, so with this money, I would be able to take off work & take a trip to see my family in Germany. My uncle just turned 90 & my aunt isn’t too far behind him. Being that age & trying to travel is extremely hard, so I’d love to surprise them & see them before the opportunity is missed," she says.

Fans of the reality show believe she is already a shoe in for the win, saying, "Vote? I believe she already won. lol. Most women would love to look like that. I know if I did, Id constantly be naked like "Hey, look at me. Im rockin a hot bod".

"I just voted and looked at Jamie’s photos. Wow!" another added.

To Vote For Jaime.....CLICK HERE!

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